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Software is just as important as hardware, and the Pixel Watch is no exception to Google’s flavor of Wear OS 3. Not only will there likely be deep Fitbit integration, but the Pixel Watch will also bring another long-awaited feature. The Google Home is finally coming to smartwatches, giving you an easy way to turn your smart home lights on or off, without reaching for your phone or summoning the assistant. It’s one of the features that many smartwatch owners have been wanting to see for years, and it’s finally here.

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As expected, Google didn’t provide too much information about the Pixel Watch during its Keynote I/O 2022. But soon after the event ended, we started learning more about the Pixel Watch. Notably, a rumor suggested that Google would use a processor from 2018, in the Exynos 9110, which first launched alongside the Galaxy Watch. However, later rumors suggested that Google would pair the 9110 with an unnamed co-processor, along with plenty of RAM and the most storage on an Android smartwatch.

We’ll have to see what the end result really will be, but for now I think a lot of people feel like the gif below.

Shortly before the launch of Google I/O 2022, Android Central was the first to report and provide actual images of Google’s first smartwatch. This confirmed some things about the watch itself, like the rotating crown and two hidden buttons to provide various methods of interacting with the wearable. The images provided also gave us an indication of how the Pixel Watch would stack up size-wise compared to the Apple Watch and Galaxy Watch.

Even more excited, Google is finally, and we mean FINALLY ready to release its first smartwatch. It was rumored for years, and seems like the perfect complement to your brand new Pixel 7 (or any Android phone). Since showing it off at I/O, Google has provided a few teasers here and there, along with a “Design of Google Pixel Watch” trailer video, giving us an idea of ​​how the design has turned out. born.

Friends, this is Shruti typing, the editor of AC. I’ll be till tomorrow when the event goes live and honestly I already feel like I need a drink…maybe that’s how I find another device that was “accidentally” left in a bar. lmao. JK. Anyway, Andrew Myrick helped me write a bunch of stuff, so I want to kick things off.

It’s been five long months since the Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel Watch, and even the Pixel Tablet were first teased at I/O 2022. Since then, we’ve seen an iPhone 4-like debacle with a Pixel Watch left in a bar with more than a few different people hanging out with the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro prototypes. For some reason, it seems like Google just can’t figure out how to turn off that leaky faucet every year.

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