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It is the top of the table that faces the bottom of the table today: Chennai Super Kings of MS Dhoni against Sunrisers Hyderabad of Kane Williamson.

You can find bullet-by-bullet commentary here in English and here in Hindi. If you’re in the US, you can watch today’s game on ESPN + in English, as well as Hindi.

CSK qualifies for the playoffs, the Sunrisers eliminated

9:35 p.m.

The Super Kings become the first team to advance to the 2021 IPL playoffs, with a landslide victory over the Sunrisers. They now have 18 points in 11 games. Their victory also means that the Sunrisers are now eliminated.

Towards the end of the chase, Sunrisers managed to bring it down to the required 20 from 14. That’s when they had their best chance, but Siddarth Kaul made a mistake and ended up throwing a delivery. topstitched on the outside. Rayudu released his arms and smashed them onto an extra blanket for four. And just like that, all the pressure was released.

In the next step, Rayudu threw Bhuvneshwar over a long six to make nine required out of ten balls. The Super Kings weren’t going to lose from there.

Still, Siddarth Kaul, winning the final, dropped two out of three necessary balls. But then he played straight into the slot for Dhoni, who rolled the clock back and shattered it at length for a whopping six.

That’s all on my side for tonight. You can see the post-match presentation on our bullet-by-bullet commentary. You will find the link for this at the top of this page.

A little wobble towards the end

9:10 p.m.

Rashid Khan threw three runs at Moeen Ali before the batter tried to take out one that was rushing towards him. Moeen got an inside advantage over his body and the ball bounced off the stumps.

In the next step, Holder greeted Raina with a bouncer, then trapped him with a fuller. Two balls later, du Plessis missed a shot and was caught halfway short. Three wickets in eight balls. Super Kings need 26 more out of 24 with Dhoni and Rayudu in the middle.

Super Kings 108/4 after 16

du Plessis and Moeen surpass 100 Super Kings

8:55 p.m.

Gaikwad fell five short of his fifty when he failed to clear the mid-off against Jason Holder. But Moeen Ali made sure the races continued to come easily. Moeen struggles with short balls sometimes and Holder chose one. But the sluggishness of the pitch meant the ball was perfectly seated for Moeen to shoot it for four. Two overs later, he pulled Rashid Khan to the deep midwicket for four more.

The Super Kings are galloping to that playoff spot and the Sunrisers are considering elimination.

Super Kings 103/1 after 14

du Plessis-Gaikwad overtakes Shaw-Dhawan

8:35 p.m.

Faf du Plessis and Ruturaj Gaikwad are now the most successful IPL 2021 opening pair. These two have added 584 so far, with two-century stands and four half-century stands. .

Super Kings 68/0 after nine

Gaikwad gives Super Kings a good start

8:20 p.m.

When defending a small target, you need early wickets. If you fail to do so and the opposition pulls off a quick start, it’s half the game lost.

Sunrisers started well, conceding just 12 in the first three overs. Gaikwad and du Plessis then clubbed a six each against Bhuvneshwar Kumar in the fourth quarter. In the next round, du Plessis hit Holder for two more fours.

Rashid Khan doesn’t usually play on the power play, but Kane Williamson knew he was running out of time. He brought the legpinner back to the sixth, but Gaikwad chased him right away. After making a four sweep, he jumped to the ground and threw Rashid for a straight six.

Gaurav Sundararaman tells me that Gaikwad took 32 out of 15 balls against Rashid in T20 cricket; 26 of them came within limits.

Super Kings 47/0 after six

Hazlewood strikes restrict Sunrisers to under 134

7:40 p.m.

Abhishek hit Josh Hazlewood on extra cover for a six but fell on the next ball, chipping him at Faf du Plessis in the long run. Two balls later, Hazlewood threw a full, wide one on the outside, the longest limit was on this side, and Samad could only slice it off at Moeen from the back.

On the other hand, Bravo kept a cover on the rating rate. He conceded just five and four of the 16th and 18th respectively and finished with 2 for 17 of his four overs.

Sunrisers ultimately finished with 134 for 7, thanks to 19 points from the last two overs, but even on this slow, low and slow pitch that seems below par.

Another failure for Garg

6:55 p.m.

There were times last season when Priyam Garg came into the fold with few overs. There was only one option before him: to run fast errands. But tonight he had plenty of time to focus and score vital points for his team.

Dealing exclusively in singles, Garg jumped to seven of nine balls when he attempted a draw against Bravo, only to pass him. Dhoni moved to his left and closed his gloves around the skier.

Saha was lucky to still be there. He was caught at the backstroke in the ninth plus but Shardul Thakur had overstepped. But he too perished from a pullover, delighting Ravindra Jadeja in 11th place to give Dhoni his third catch of the night. Saha leaves for 44 out of 46.

Sunrises are now turning to Abhishek Sharma and Abdul Samad to bring them to a nominal total, which I think is 150-160 on this surface. ESPNcricinfo’s forecaster, however, gives them 140.

Levers 76/2 after 13

Roy, Williamson fall on the cheap

6.30 p.m.

Jason Roy was the main architect of the Sunrisers’ victory in their last game, against the Rajasthan Royals, scoring 60 on 42 balls. But there is no repeat as Josh Hazelwood takes it off for just 2.

Williamson and Saha took Sunrisers 41-1 at the end of the power play, but Dwayne Bravo dealt them another blow, trapping Williamson lbw with a float that appeared to pull away at the last moment. New hitter Priyam Garg, who captained India in the last Under-19 World Cup, was out for a first pitch duck in the final game. He has another chance to show his courage.

Levers 45/2 after seven

Chahar finds movement but Saha also moves

6:10 p.m.

Ask Cricinfo tells me that Deepak Chahar has the most power play wickets this season. Here he finds movement with the new ball, removing the ball to Wriddhiman Saha. There is also a slippage pending a potential advantage. On the fourth ball of the over, Saha continued an away delivery with little footwork. He fails to keep it but he is far from the back point outfielder. Saha irrelevant with a couple.

On the first ball of Chahar’s next round, Saha attempts an aerial shot to the ground but is beaten as the ball moves away. Dhoni almost recovers it on the second rebound. Chahar throws the next ball a little closer, maybe an inswinger. But it’s a bit shorter and it’s enough for Saha to bring out the shot and send it over the deep midwicket.

Two balls later, Chahar is wrong on the full side and Saha is satisfied with the long cream for the second six in the series.

Levers 19/0 after three

Bravo returns as Super Kings choose to play

5:35 p.m.

MS Dhoni won the draw and the Super Kings will play first. Dwayne Bravo returns for Sam Curran. Bravo has the best death overs save rate this season (min. 30 balls), and their slower deliveries could be effective in Sharjah where, unlike last season, the ball caught a lot.

Sunrises, on the other hand, are unchanged. This means that Abhishek Sharma and Priyam Garg have another chance.

Sunrise in Hyderabad: 1 Jason Roy, 2 Wriddhiman Saha (week), 3 Kane Williamson (capt), 4 Priyam Garg, 5 Abhishek Sharma, 6 Jason Holder, 7 Abdul Samad, 8 Rashid Khan, 9 Bhuvneshwar Kumar, 10 Siddarth Kaul, 11 Sandeep Sharma

The Super Kings of Chennai: 1 Faf du Plessis, 2 Ruturaj Gaikwad, 3 Moeen Ali, 4 Ambati Rayudu, 5 Suresh Raina, 6 MS Dhoni (captain, week), 7 Ravindra Jadeja, 8 Dwayne Bravo, 9 Shardul Thakur, 10 Deepak Chahar, 11 Josh Hazlewood

N ° 1 vs N ° 8

5:10 p.m.

Hello and a very warm welcome. Tonight is a contest between two parties on opposite ends of the spectrum. The Chennai Super Kings have eight wins and two losses in ten games, and lead the points table. Another victory and they will qualify for the playoffs. Sunrisers Hyderabad, on the other hand, has two wins and eight losses. They are at the bottom of the points table. A loss here and they will also be out of the race for the playoffs. But can a situation where there is next to nothing to lose work in their favor? We will find out soon.

Hemant Brar is a sub-editor at ESPNcricinfo

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