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Rounding out the weekend’s double titles we have two big prize teams that could really win: Virat Kohli’s Royals Challengers Bangalore vs. Rohit Sharma’s Mumbai Indians.

You can find bullet-by-bullet commentary here in English and here in Hindi. If you’re in the US, you can watch today’s game on ESPN + in English, as well as Hindi.

Bangalore’s Roaring Challengers

RCB roared back with a big win over Mumbai by 54 points. Only one limit since the ninth. A big statement from Yuzvendra Chahal in his first face-to-face against the side of the legpinner to whom he lost. It was the slow rotation of Chahal’s legs that turned the tide as Mumbai rushed towards the target. Glenn Maxwell had two wickets and Harshal had a hat-trick.

RCB can now breathe easily as they are now four points ahead of the next fourth-ranked teams. Mumbai is one of them and must now win every game from here. Thanks for join us.

Game over

Harshal Patel takes out Hardik and Pollard in two bullets. These are 99% of the favorites to win according to our forecaster. And Harshal now has a hat trick with a slower ball throw to take out Rahul Chahar lbw as well.

First the Hardik counter. We all know they throw wide balls at him now, but they are wide, slower balls. Hardik catches up the breadth, but plays for a regulation pace. Gets the advantage. And then a slower bullet slips behind Pollard’s pads to knock the stump off the leg. He now has eight wickets against MI alone this season.

Later in the end, he passed the first limit in 51 balls.

Forty balls without limit

In a 90-ball round so far. And they lost four wickets during that time. It all started when Rohit got hit on the hand by Ishan and then he came out trying to hit a six. RCB are now well ahead in the game as Pollard and Hardik Pandya need 68 to come out of the last five. Chahal has one on the left, Siraj has one, Harshal Patel two. Jamieson has two too. Interesting choices for Kohli now.

Until Pollard, Pandya and Surya

Krunal Pandya is gone, but Mumbai still has the engine room intact. Suryakumar Yadav, Kieron Pollard and Hardik Pandya. RCB will know that Hardik has not been at his best and is coming back from injury. Seventy-three out of 41, let’s go.

Double blow for Rohit and Mumbai

First, Rohit Sharma carries one on his hand as Ishan Kishan pulls a shot back from Maxwell, not giving his captain on the non-attacking side time to step aside. It’s a scathing blow, and it takes about five minutes of attention from the medical staff. Then Rohit tries to repeat his slog-sweep on Maxwell from two years ago, but doesn’t get enough power for it.

In the next round, Ishan tries to hit Chahal, which is his left hitter role in the middle, but he doesn’t pick the wrong one and is caught at the third man short. Mumbai 81 for 3 in 10.3 with Krunal Pandya promoted to maintain the right-left combination. Hardik Pandya and Kieron Pollard kept for death. They are still 57% favorites to win.

Chahal gets from Kock

For the fifth time in IPL, for only 33 runs in 31 balls. RCB stays alive with that wicket, and MI sends Ishan Kishan to maintain the right-left combination. Mumbai 58 for 1 over seven overs.

Bombay on the way

At the end of Powerplay, they’re 56-0 with Rohit Sharm with a strike rate of over 170. The no-ball in third gave them the kick they needed. The requested rate is now below eight and they are 79% of the favorites up for grabs according to our forecaster.

Short of 15?

Only the nine run away from the last two overs thanks to Bumrah two in two. And then you had pasta cut and changed too frequently and not sure what it was for. David, Jamieson and Hasaranga are in a roulette wheel. Now they have to defend 165.

Bumrah two in two

A quick 35-by-16-bullet partnership between Glenn Maxwell and AB de Villiers threatened to seriously injure Mumbai Indians to death, with even 190 becoming a possibility. Maxwell was superb with his inverted ramps off Milne, de Villiers punished small length errors, but then Bumrah knocked them out with two balls. It’s worth about 15 races in total. RCB 162 for 5 in 19 overs. Bumrah 4-0-36-3. Now Boult, who doesn’t have a reputation for being big to death, has to play against Dan Christian and Shahbaz Ahmed. Not Maxwell and de Villiers.

Another perfect Kohli round

For the opposition, it is. What do you want when you plan against Kohli? Either get him out early or let him play as long as possible without going into death where he’s as deadly as de Villiers, Pollard, Russell. In a perfect result for Mumbai, they took out Kohli in the 16th, just before the death began. Kohli has now only faced one bullet to the death during this IPL.

It therefore ends at 51 out of 42, only 22 tracks since the introduction of the spin. Against the pace, Kohli scored 33 of 21 and 18 of 21 balls against the rotation. Mumbai passed Kohli just before he became dangerous, but now they have de Villiers and Maxwell to face to the death. RCB 126 for 3 in 16 overs, Maxwell 34 on 37.

Kohli versus spin

Here is a statistic. In this IPL, Virat Kohli rose to 8.29 against an opposite pace, but out of 99 spin balls, he only scored 103 points. A similar story unfolds as it went from 29 out of 16 when the spin was introduced to 46 out of 35 after seven spin overs. It’s 17 runs on 19 balls.

What could be the reason? The obvious is that the spin is usually thrown outside of Powerplay and Kohli doesn’t like taking on borderline runners before death. Again, it’s gone to 5.11-1-1 in Powerplay this year. This will only invite teams to bowling early against RCB. Outside of Powerplay, his hit rate versus beat fell from 8.64 in all of Powerplay to 7.53.

It seems a mixture of the two. For starters, the intention isn’t that aggressive against the spin, but it doesn’t happen in a vacuum. If Kohli didn’t consider hitting against the spin to be too risky, he would attack them more.

RCB 97 for 2 on 12, Kolhi 46 on 35, Maxwell 12 on 9.

KS Bharat does its job

Wicket keeper KS Bharat is expected at No.3, but he doesn’t often get a chance to knock at this station because his role seems to be very specific. He only beats when a first wicket falls, and his role is limited to not exposing Maxwell and de Villiers to the new ball. Once that part of his job is done, he has to strike. He did both in this game. He played Powerplay normally, then tackled Rahul Chahar, hitting him for two sixes. Then, in the ninth, he was caught trying to hit a third. Left for 32 out of 24. RCB 75 for 2 in nine overs.

spices spices spices

At the end of the second the ball rolls to the point, no one disputes it, points the throw in the middle, but clears it, and Kohli and KS Bharat perform two knockdowns. The Indians of Mumbai are not happy. The Mumbai Indians consider the ball to be dead, and they are not happy with it. However, it does not appear that the referees have yet to call “over”, and RCB still considers the ball to be in play. So as far as the laws of cricket go, the ball is still in play and RCB is still in play. completely entitled to take these leads.

Between the overs, Kohli can be heard on the stump mic saying, in Hindi, “Tell him I’m not playing this way. “The” this, “I guess, suggests” sneaky “or” implied. “

Mumbai, meanwhile, gives Bumrah another one in the Powerplay, which is very rare. The first ball is short and to Kohli, and the top edge passes the keeper for four. The next ball is short again, but Kohli shoots it cleanly for a six. Kohli has been superb inside the Powerplay this IPL, full of intention. He also kills Adam Milne, charges him, lifts him up. RCB 44 for 1 of five overs, Kohli 29 of 16. Bumrah to Kohli in T20 now: 84 balls, 126 runs, four wickets.

Bumrah with a new ball

So far, Jasprit Bumrah has only thrown 11 overs in Powerplay this year, even though they have only completed 64 points. Mumbai think their biggest impact is in Back 10, so they often use Boult and someone else in Powerplay. They opened with Bumrah today, and he troubled Devdutt Paddikal for a while before gaining the advantage over the then keeper. Since the start of IPL 2017, there has only been one IPL in which Bumrah has gone for a ball run in Powerplay. But these are the wickets they want in Powerplay, and today Bumrah gave them one. RCB 10 to 1 after two overs.

Return to Dubai

Okay now we can focus on the game at hand. Virat Kohli and Devdutt Paddikal have their hit rate columns under the scanner, and here they are against a pretty good new ball attack from the Mumbai Indians. Here we are.

Hardik Pandya is back

Big game for the qualifying aspirations for the Royal Challengers Bangalore and the Mumbai Indians, and Mumbai has found two good news around the draw. Hardik Pandya is in good shape and back, and Mumbai won the draw and decided to line up.

RCB is ahead of MI on the table, but they have lost both of their matches in the UAE and need to give new momentum. They made three changes. Kyle Jamieson, Dan Christian and Shahbaz Ahmed replace Tim David, Wanindu Hasaranga and Navdeep Saini. The two teams have played nine matches each. RCB has 10 points, MI 8.

Royal Challengers Bangalore 1 V Kohli (capt.), 2 D Padikkal, 3 KS Bharat (sem), 4 GJ Maxwell, 5 AB de Villiers, 6 Shahbaz Ahmed, 7 DT Christian, 8 KA Jamieson, 9 HV Patel, 10 Mohammed Siraj, 11 YS Chahal

Bombay Indians 1 RG Sharma (captain), 2 Q de Kock (week), 3 Ishan Kishan, 4 SA Yadav, 5 HH Pandya, 6 KA Pollard, 7 KH Pandya, 8 AF Milne, 9 RD Chahar, 10 TA Boult, 11 JJ Bumrah

Sidharth Monga is Associate Editor at ESPNcricinfo

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