Live Blog: Chaos on Twitter – what’s going on?



Here’s a response from Musk an hour ago, where he’s excited about how Twitter Blue is doing so far.

Which makes us wonder – did he get the memo?

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I thought back to when I first used Twitter on my iPhone, and it was indeed Tweetie, which was bought by the company and then turned into the app you use today.

The pull-to-refresh gesture is now a standard on many apps, such as Apple’s Safari and Mail apps.

Just to add to the chaos, Musk has now tweeted this from Twitter headquarters. While we would never suggest reading too much into tweets, especially from someone as mercurial as Musk, it does perhaps give us some insight into the current mindset of the remaining Twitter employees…

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Tweeting and pointing this out, it seems Musk knows about it, though what he thinks about it is a mystery as always.

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If you have heard of Mastodon this week you are not alone. Luckily, I tried it recently and it’s a great alternative. There is a some apps you can use right now on iOS and android if you are also already registered with Mastodon.

Lance Ulanoff materializes

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Our American Editor Lance Ulanoff sent us this which reads like saying goodbye to Twitter:

“I’ve met some of the coolest people on Twitter. I’ve interacted with my idols and icons and made some real friends. Twitter has always worked like my brain works – in small pieces. Honestly, I don’t I don’t know how I’m going to maintain certain friendships and relationships or where I’ll post random thoughts that will make me happy without it. Please Microsoft, buy Twitter.

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Zoe Schiffer (opens in a new tab)Platformer writer, tweeted above that a message was posted in Twitter Slack, which confirmed the end of Twitter Blue and paid blue ticks in order to stop impersonations, but all existing subscriptions to the service will continue as usual.

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Another sent to me by Muskaan, this tweet shows how broken the verification system under Twitter Blue was. One is the genuine Apple TV Plus account, another is a fake.

Hopefully we’ll see a reversal of this, as it’s already confusing to tell which is true or false for many users.

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Our (fantastic) Computer Writer Muskaan Saxena sent me this tweet, and it’s a great analogy to how users feel on Twitter.

A crazy iceberg shaped like a Twitter bird is quite the picture.

So where are we so far?

Surprisingly, Musk has yet to react to any developments on Twitter today. The above is, at the time of posting this, his latest tweet.

However, we noticed a small change with the ticks, where they are also blue when you are in dark mode on the site.

The top image shows what a truly verified account looks like, while the bottom one shows you what an account paid for verification looks like

(Image credit: Wseagar/Eight-Dollars)

An interesting read by Hamich Hector here – there is a chrome extension where it will tell you if a user has been verified with a blue tick, or if they have earned one by signing up for Blue Twitter when it was live.

Worry about Twitter

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Let’s be clear – there will be no replacement for Twitter. Nothing really can be, but there are potential alternatives.

With that in mind, we have three to consider.

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Here’s our American editor Lance Ulanoff showing off his very first tweet back in 2007.

Since it includes a bagel, it’s already a great tweet in my book. The next question for me is, could his final tweet include a bagel to top it off?

Elon Musk at the 2022 Met Gala

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Let’s summarize:

On October 30, Elon Musk, CEO and founder of Space X, CEO of Tesla, finally took the reins of Twitter after a long-term redemption of the platform.

In less than a month, we have seen the verification process become unnecessary and confusing due to the subscription service, Twitter Blue being able to give any user a blue tick, and there was also a huge layoff of staff.

On November 11, Twitter Blue was taken down entirely, and Musk has been quiet ever since.

So, almost inevitably, it seems like the Blue Tick verification process has been canned.

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As the tweet above indicates, the chaos continues – that’s why we started this blog live. What is happens?

Here is an example of how difficult it is to spot some of these fake accounts:

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Musk himself has been a victim of this, with countless fake accounts claiming to be him – and with a Blue Tick to prove it. That seemed like the straw that broke the camel’s back, as Musk then backtracked on some of the more lax elements of the new vetting process.

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However, as people had predicted, verified accounts started popping up on Twitter, and while many of them were obviously parodies, because they had the “Blue Tick”, it was getting hard to tell, especially with the more subtle accounts.

Unsurprisingly, the individuals and companies that were parodied weren’t too happy about it.

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Worryingly for Twitter, many brands have started announcing that they will no longer advertise on the platform.

Despite concerns and complaints, Musk was initially dismissive.

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By posting memes about people’s complaints, many people got the feeling that he wasn’t really taking the issue seriously.

Perhaps the most controversial thing to come from Musk’s takeover of Twitter was the changes to how accounts are verified.

Previously, if a media’s verified account (such as Tech Radar (opens in a new tab)) or some other organization posted something, at least you would know it came from an official source. The Blue Check also allowed Twitter users to tell the difference between the many celebrities on Twitter and the users who were impersonating them.

However, Musk has implemented a change that would allow anyone to be verified for $8 per month.

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This has led some people to fear that users could pretend to be official accounts and be easily verified, making it difficult for people to tell which accounts are real – and which weren’t. And that’s exactly what happened.

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