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There are usually two camps people fall into when looking at a new laptop. Either they want a productivity powerhouse or they want a sleek gaming rig. LG Gram 2022 is really in the circle of the first. It’s a wonderfully portable laptop that delivers on multiple fronts to get you through the school or work day.

LG continues to iterate on its long-running Gram series. This year, LG launched its 16-inch Gram with attractive features, a lightweight design and a gorgeous screen. I’m a big fan of aesthetics and while this year’s Gram left me wanting more from the overall build of the laptop, I was quite impressed with the reliability it offered.

While productivity is certainly the LG Gram’s forte, it lacks the support to become a dedicated gaming machine. With a premium price of $1,399 in Canada, it’s definitely worth keeping in mind what you hope to get out of a new device. If you’re looking to play Elden Ring on ultra-high settings, this might not be the machine for you. However, if long battery life and a large screen are on your priority list, the LG Gram serves it up in spades.

out of the box

LG’s 2022 Gram laptop once again emphasizes an important build. I’ve always preferred smaller laptops with both Windows Space and Apple MacBooks. Pulling the LG Gram out of the box, I had to get used to using a 16-inch device again. Its overall dimensions are 14.01 x 9.58 x 0.66 inches, making it quite a sizable unit.

The 16-inch LG Gram comes in the ‘Snow White’ color which looks really sharp. It has a glossy finish on the clamshell top and interior, on the keys and trackpad. It is a very beautiful design coupled with a staggering weight. The device weighs only 2.62 pounds. For comparison, Apple’s 13.6-inch MacBook Air M2 weighs 2.7 pounds. In order to achieve its lightness, the chassis of the LG Gram uses a magnesium alloy. Personally, I’m not a big fan. While this helps to achieve a remarkably light and portable machine, it feels rather flimsy.

The 2022 LG Gram offers many of the same design elements as its 2021 counterpart. Including its lightweight design, this ultrabook brings a good number of ports to the table. Included, users will find two Thunderbolt 4 ports, one HDMI, two USB-A 3.2 Gen 3×2, two USB-C 4.0 Gen 3×2, Ethernet, 3.5mm headphone jack, MicroSD slot and DC-in for Power. Overall, there’s very little else I would have liked to see included when it comes to ports. Maybe an extra USB-C port would have been nice, but if things go really well, a docking HUB could be introduced. Users will also find a backlit keyboard

The display of this ultrabook is quite attractive. He has modestly thin glasses surrounding his
2560 x 1600 WQXGA LCD screen. Compared to a more traditional 16:9 aspect ratio, the LG Gram offers 16:10, which provides 11% more screen real estate for users. In addition, LG has integrated anti-glare to make the screen visible even in direct sunlight.

A portable unit suited for productivity

If you are a student or a worker moving between an office and a remote workstation, the LG Gram is perfect thanks to its portability. Even with its size, its weight makes it easy to throw in a backpack, laptop bag, or just carry around. If your daily tasks involve team meetings, writing documents, spreadsheets or schoolwork, the LG Gram can handle it.

Under its hood, the LG Gram is powered by a 12th generation Intel Core i5-1240P processor. Users can also expect to find 16GB of LPDDR5 RAM and 1TB of NVMe Gen4 SSD. On top of that, the LG Gram comes with Windows 11 Home. All in all, this device is fantastic for eliminating productivity tasks throughout the day. It has a 1080p infrared webcam on the front with Dual Mic. By using Windows Hello, your device can stay secure with facial recognition.

However, its power is limited once you start introducing more intensive content creation tasks or games. While offering 40% better performance than its predecessors, the LG Gram 2022 isn’t exactly a heavyweight in the gaming laptop space. Sure, you can run smaller indie games between courses or during downtime. However, when booting up Fortnite and trying to run the game on higher settings, it was obvious that Gram’s limits were being reached. That being said, the LG Gram doesn’t necessarily need to run AAA titles natively in order to tick that box for gamers. Due to its portability and large screen size, the LG Gram can take advantage of this space by using the cloud. With platforms like Nvidia GeForce Now and Xbox Cloud Gaming, many games can still be at relatively high settings through the cloud.

Longevity may vary throughout the day

The LG Gram uses a large 80 Wh battery. Bearing in mind that it powers a 16-inch screen, LG claims that the device can sustain a battery life of 20.5 hours. This may be true in certain circumstances. During a typical day or using only the web browser for social media, writing, email, etc., the battery only dropped to 60%. Once I started integrating video streaming, music, and editing software, battery life took a massive hit. On average, I’d say it’s safest to assume you can get 12-15 hours of battery life before needing a charge. Once plugged in, charging is fairly quick, going from 0% to 100 in about two and a half hours.

A big part of what plays into battery life is that display. The IPS panel has a maximum brightness of 350 nits, which is relatively low. However, still large enough to impact the overall longevity of a load. However, it supports a wide color gamut of 99% DCI-P3. Plus, with its tiny bezels, it makes a nice display for watching Netflix, YouTube, and more. without working. However, you may want to keep the charger handy during these events.

Final Thoughts

As a fan of mobility options for work, the LG Gram offers high performance to get you through the day. Whether you want a tetherless experience away from a remote office or facility or you’re a student, LG’s lightweight ultrabook should meet those needs. However, once video calls and document writing are over, the laptop’s performance constraints become more and more apparent.

If you’re looking for your next on-the-go gaming laptop or your next content creation powerhouse, the LG may make you want a little more under the hood. Plus, with a sleek display and brightness options, the LG Gram’s battery life depends on whether you’re spending the day watching videos or listening to music. However, the battery charge is sufficient to keep you powered up even if you need a charge in the middle of the day. With a bounty CA$1,599 price tagit is important to consider what you hope to gain from this machine before buying it.

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