Jen Logan from Jenz Journeys explains why she started her successful blog

Jen Logan is a Canadian influencer and founder of Jenz Travel

Today, she explains why she decided to create her blog.

My second daughter had a tough battle with her mental health. I started my travel blog as a way to keep my mind calm during my daughter’s mental health journey, like on her dates etc. Once Covid hit, I stayed pretty quiet on my Instagram posting old content due to feedback from international subscribers who were unfamiliar with Canadian pandemic rules (e.g. we were allowed to go on social distancing hikes etc), so that I can be aware of any concerns my followers have. I took a step back from my social networks.

Jen Logan from Jenz Journeys on Spirit Island

My daughter passed away on August 24, 2020 Inspired by Kaelynn’s passing, I partnered with businesses across Ontario that were open to help show people that there are things we can do safely to support businesses during the pandemic at every stage. So many small businesses shut down in Canada thanks to Covid, the statistics are staggering. I believed this was a way to help our community while cherishing and living life to the fullest, while being respectful and safe. Life is a gift, we don’t know how long we have and therefore I think we should live it to the fullest again.

My “Adventures in Covidland” series was well received and I got past my old grip.

In February 2021, Valentine’s Day to be precise, I chose to love my business and take it to the next level and rename it @jenzjourneys

I continue to cover local outings and events and of course my niche of unusual outings, finds and stays!

Jen on a raft in Victoria, British Columbia

My brand is becoming a household name in the Toronto tour and I continue to occasionally post my ‘Dreaming of Vacation series’ as global travel is also on my content and I look forward to international travel to start again. fully!

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