Instagram Develops BeReal-Clone “IG Candid” Feature • iPhone in Canada Blog

As discovered by Alessandro PaluzziInstagram is testing a new feature called “IG Candid” which copies popular social media app BeReal by prompting the user to share an authentic photo at a random time each day.

A screenshot tweeted by Paluzzi shows Instagram’s description of how the feature could work. “Add others’ Candid IG to your stories tray. And every day at a different time, get a notification to capture and share a photo in 2 minutes,” the screenshot reads.

In a statement to The edgeMeta has confirmed that it is internally prototyping a new Instagram feature that is eerily similar to BeReal, and has been rightly dubbed a “murder clone” by Casey Newton.

“This feature is an internal prototype, not an external test,” Meta spokeswoman Christine Pai said, suggesting there is no specific timeline for when the feature might be released.

But given how Meta and other social media giants have responded to other popular apps over the years, it seems reasonable to assume that Instagram will eventually roll out a response to BeReal if its popularity continues.

After all, when Snapchat’s Stories feature became popular, Instagram rolled out its own Stories feature, and Reels is an obvious response to TikTok’s popularity.

Last month, BeReal rolled out a new feature called Dual that allows users to simultaneously take a photo or video from their phone’s front and back camera.

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