How to select a content writer for your blog


Imagine you decide to start a blog to gather an audience of like-minded people. You may have some great ideas, and you know how to get your message across to your followers. But as soon as you can gather a large audience, you will need to delegate some responsibilities. The thing is, a great blog turns into a source of continuous information. You won’t be able to write articles and add content all the time.

So you will most likely need a content writer. Typically, these are professional writers who can cover any topic and create interesting content for your audience. But how to choose the right so-called “expert” and what to pay attention to in the first place? Here are some useful tips you should know.

Specify a list of criteria important to you

Before adding a new job posting to a site, you need to understand the most important criteria. What are the most relevant skills for a future writer? Should you hire a beginner or do you need an expert with years of experience? Making a list of criteria will make it easier for you to understand who you need to create creative content. This approach is the most rational because you hardly have time to make mistakes and lose your blog audience.

Portfolio Matters

Imagine you have at least a dozen writers ready to generate content for you. But how to choose a real professional and not lose the trust of the public? First of all, you need to pay attention to the portfolio of each candidate for a vacancy. Take a look at posts that look like your blog posts. An animal or medical expert is not well versed in psychology or radioelectronics. Look for people who have experience creating certain content and can quickly adapt to your needs.

Create a test job

Suppose you have already selected 10-15 candidates and you want to narrow your search. Create a test job that can determine each candidate’s skills for a job. The thing is, creative, smart people can quickly adapt to your writing style and blog topics. Such an idea will take a lot of your time, but you can find the best of the best.

Unfortunately, such a strategy is poorly implemented if you are a student and do not have time to check the test items. But what if you delegate certain tasks? Visit ScamFighter and find out which writing services are not worth your attention. Choose the most honest site and delegate your paperwork. Just 10-15 minutes and you’ll be focused on testing tasks.

The trial period is a good idea

Don’t worry about rejection of blogger applicants. And do not forget that your task is to choose the best expert. That’s why you can use what’s called a trial period to make sure you’ve hired a responsible writer. Generally, a week or two is enough to understand the professionalism of the person you want to hire. Additionally, the trial period may involve writing 5-10 articles for your blog.

If the candidate did not handle the first tasks well, you can look for a new candidate for the vacant position. Remember, this approach is especially handy if you’re a student and don’t have time to supervise a new writer around the clock. But what if you still want to be in touch all the time? time ? In this case, you should find someone to delegate your tasks. You should probably read the paper owl review to choose a reliable writing service that can help you navigate through the course.

Enthusiasm matters

Generally, professionals can write good articles for your blog even if the topics you have chosen are not on their list of interests. But what about the enthusiasm and desire to create truly inspiring content? The thing is, a newbie with fire in their eyes will bring more value to your blog than a pro for whom text is just a source of income. Remember that every writer goes through a constant stage of self-improvement. Just a few months and a newbie will gain the required experience and become an indispensable part of your team.

Salary level is one of the key criteria

How much are you willing to pay a content writer for the work done? To get started, you need to consider in advance which work format is best for you. Many beginners are willing to work for a fixed monthly salary. In the early stages, this format will benefit you. But true professionals may charge a fee for each article or publication. Try to work out a budget in advance that is acceptable to you as a blog owner.

Last words

As you can see, you have a list of key criteria that will help you find a real diamond in a pile of stones. Don’t be afraid to take your time, and you’ll surely choose the most talented writer to be the heart of your creative blog. After a few weeks, you will surely find someone worthy of being part of your team. All you need is patience and the desire to succeed.

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