How to import a Spotify playlist to Deezer

Whether from Apple Music or Spotify, transfer playlists to Deezer – for free and easily.

Deezer’s new Transfer Your Favorites feature allows you to import all your saved songs and playlists from Spotify to Deezer, as well as other streaming services like YouTube Music, Amazon Music and Apple Music, without leaving the Deezer app. .

Deezer announced Tune my music as a “trusted partner,” they recommend moving playlists between streaming services quickly. It’s a free service that’s been around for a while – Tidal also recommends Tune My Music as the preferred tool for importing Spotify playlists to Tidal, as well as elsewhere.

Users can move their entire music library from the Deezer app or in the browser. By using Tune My Music to transfer music to Deezer, no changes will be made to the contents of the music library and the user IDs will remain the same. All music data will then be matched against Deezer’s Flow recommendation algorithm.

The service is unlimited, although Deezer notes that it allows a maximum of 2,000 playlists and 10,000 favorite songs. Users can also move libraries from multiple departments.

How to import playlists to Deezer

  • Register now at Deezer or Log in
  • On mobile, go to Settings > Transfer your favorites
  • On the web, go to Account settings > Transfer your favorites > Select a service
  • Choose the streaming services from which you move your library and your music will be transferred. The more tracks you move, the longer the process

It makes sense that Deezer would make it as easy as possible to quit another streaming service and sign up with them instead, and one thing that makes users hesitate before taking the plunge is the idea of ​​losing. carefully created playlists.

Alexandra Leloup, Deezer product manager, noted: “One of the most popular requests we receive from our community is the ability to easily transfer your existing library to Deezer. We don’t want our users to lose their favorite songs and the playlists they’ve created over time. We can make our users’ lives easier. Now is the time for all of our listeners to finally have all of their songs in one place.

Deezer also recently announced that it is introducing music sharing in Facebook stories, as well as Flow Moods “emotional jukeboxes” – endless mixes that users can choose from depending on their mood of the moment.

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