How to Harness the Power of LinkedIn as a Blog

Each of us has a blog and we don’t realize it. It’s our presence on LinkedIn.

That’s because every LinkedIn post is a blog post. And your LinkedIn account is your blog where all your posts are hosted.

LinkedIn has become a content hub over the past few years. It’s either your first or second Google search result that underlines its power. This is where people go to look for information about you and it’s not just an online resume anymore.

If you’re not using LinkedIn to post thought leadership and content that supports your brand and business, you’re not using it to its full potential.

It’s free and you’ll reach a huge number of potential clients, recruits, recruiters, and referral sources.

Plus, LinkedIn has a built-in audience, which your blog doesn’t. It’s not easy to start a blog from scratch – trust me. It can take years to retain your audience.

You can definitely have your own blog, but if you want to dive into content marketing, start using LinkedIn to post articles up to 3000 words and also use LinkedIn newsletters and the Linkedin editor to create long-form content.

All messages are editable and you can delete them. You have the same control over your posts as you would on a blog. You can also pin certain posts to your featured section to highlight them. And download the messages periodically to have an archive of them.

You can start writing your own articles, how about these ideas:

  1. Write a takeaway from a recent webinar or conference you attended

  2. Provide a review of a book you have read

  3. Give your opinion on an article or topic

  4. Create a list post about the pain points your customers are having

  5. Create a Best Practices Article

Thinking of LinkedIn as a blog — even if you have a blog — is smart because it’s another way to amplify your content and reach a wider audience.

You never know where your next opportunity will come from. So why wouldn’t you use LinkedIn to its full potential?

Have you ever thought of LinkedIn as your own blog?

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