How to Get Ideas for PPC Ad Copy

One of the biggest challenges in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is writing ad copy that appeals to the right visitor in a short, concise manner. Internet users do not always read all the lines of the advertising text. Advertisers must therefore make sure to include in the ads the most important points that are important to the Internet user, read quickly and easily understandable.

Creative or unique titles are great, but not if they don’t appeal and appeal to the target audience. There’s a balance between standing out and giving searchers what they want. Here are some tips for finding the right ad copy.

Know the product or service
It sounds obvious, but it’s extremely important for the advertiser to know the entirety of the business they’re promoting inside and out. Scratching the basic surface of what the product or service is will only generate a limited number of ideas. Dig deep and go beyond while staying relevant.

Customer Example: Local Casino

Their basic amenities include slot machines, a poker room, and craps tables. These amenities should definitely be highlighted in the ad copy, but that’s probably just a surface.

What else do they have that other casinos may not have?

  • How many of these machines/rooms/tables do they have?
  • What are the table minimums?
  • What is their reputation as a company?
  • How do they work?
  • What has this company accomplished?

Suppose the casino has other strengths that set it apart, such as:

  • Recognized as one of the top rated local casinos since 2007 by a reputable outlet;
  • Family business since 1984;
  • The only casino in the area with a full-service restaurant; and
  • Offers $50 free chips for new poker players.

Incorporate these elements into the content of the advertising copy. Use them for titles or in the parts of descriptions where they fit in, and you’ll create better, more engaging advertising that sets them apart from their competitors.

It’s really hard to come up with enough titles and descriptions just focusing on the basics of the business. Going into as many relevant details as possible can generate more ideas for ad copy content.

One thing to note: If you are an agency or consultant writing advertisements for a client, we find it helpful to get points from the client on competitive advantage and differentiators that we can use in the ad copy. Then we know that these things are approved to be used. We also ask our clients to approve advertising copy, at least at the start of the relationship, just to make sure we are positioning them correctly.

Think like the researcher and know the audience
Arguably the most effective way to generate ideas for PPC ad content is for the advertiser to put themselves in the customer’s shoes. Pretending that they are the customer looking for their product as a “mock” can help provide ideas on what to put in the ad copy and how to put the words together. It is also important to keep in mind the type of demographics targeted: age, gender, location, etc.

When selling products, advertising content depends on the type of research someone is doing. If it’s a general search (eg: athletic shoes), the copy should be more product-focused: the types of athletic shoes they’ll find on the site.

But if someone is looking for a specific brand (example: Brooks launches 8 running shoes), you don’t need to spend time selling the products because they already know what they want; the copy should explain why this person should come to your site and buy from you. Two different points in an Internet user’s buying journey are equivalent to two different messages.

As mentioned earlier, people want to get hooked quickly. Creating titles involves creating that hook with a small window of opportunity to capture. Think of quick, simple words that are effective in getting someone’s attention. Talk WITH the researcher and let them know why they are getting the best result.

A good place to start is to create relevant “catchy” words and create the business information around them. Think of words and terms such as “easy”, “best”, “bulk”, “value”, “affordable”, “most”, “fastest”, “biggest”, “effective”, ” satisfaction guaranteed” and “save on ,” etc.

Now think about the target audience and the goal. If they’re local, plan to build around ad content with “near me” or “nearest” as the catchphrases. For online products or services not limited to local searches, build around terms such as “buy online”, “shop”, “fast delivery”, “inquire”, etc.

Examples of titles:

  • “The best game room in California”
  • “The Largest Motorsports Dealer”
  • “Affordable designer shoes”
  • “Cheap Teacher Supplies Online”

Description Examples:

  • “Play the most action-packed tables in the Bay Area at California Grand Casino.”
  • “Look no further for the best prices and the best brands in the industry. Visit us today!
  • “We have the sneakers you want in stock and at great prices. Free delivery!”
  • “Buy classroom supplies and tools in bulk. Developed by teachers for teachers!

Make the most of keywords
Out of ideas? Review all relevant keywords. These words are the backbone on which the ad copy is built. This is how the audience is targeted. It’s more than just good practice for identifying the audience, it gives that audience what they’ve been looking for.

Creating keyword-rich ad content doesn’t have to be generic cut-and-paste. For example, one way to do this is to rearrange the keyword(s) in different ways to create multiple titles that present one thing in multiple ways.

Company: California Grand Casino
Keywords: “gaming room”, “poker”
Campaign type: research

Examples of titles:

  • “Best poker room near me”
  • “Game room to play poker”
  • “Poker at Bay’s Top Cardroom”

Description Examples:

  • “Play poker at the California Grand Casino. The Bay Area’s number one arcade. Win today!
  • “California Grand Casino is the most action-packed card room. Play poker with a $20 buy-in.
  • “Win cash prizes playing poker at the best card room in the Bay Area, California Grand Casino.”

Every advertiser is different, so the selection and choice of relevant approaches to incorporate into PPC ad copy will vary and may vary even for each advertiser taking audience into account.

Use it as an overview of your business; once a basic strategy is in place, it will be much easier to generate ad copy ideas for PPC ads.

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