How To Crush Your Competition With Epic Blog Content


Let’s be honest. If you are a marketer you already know how to blog and you probably don’t know what I might say that you don’t already know. I am okay. (Wait…what?)

I’m not going to tell you something you already know or don’t know. Chances are, if you are reading this article, you are a marketer, writer, or content developer.

You may or may not be part of an engineering company and that’s okay. This article applies to all industries. I emphasize engineering because it is the industry from which many requests for advice originate.

So you’re probably wondering, “If you don’t wanna tell me anything new then what the hell are you doing here?” “

I’ll team up and brainstorm with you in this article to help you create the most epic and expert engineering blog ever.

Even with all of the online content released today, the engineering industry still lags behind in producing content that other engineers are looking for.

But this is not just any content for the sake of posting content. Google says it’s not good enough. You must have quality content. And let’s face it. We all want Google to like and rank our content.

So let’s think about how to create the most epic and wanted content for your engineering blog. Basically, let’s make yourself the “Oprah” of the talk show hosts.

The power to question is the basis of all human progress

What better way to find out what engineers are looking for online than by asking your own? Sometimes your own people are your best resource.

What if you chose the brains of engineers in your company every week? What would it look like?

Well, if that was me, I would visit different engineers every week, from different trades, in different positions and hierarchies. I would ask them if they had 10 minutes to sit down with me so I could ask them a few quick questions.

I would ask them:

  • Have you searched for anything online this week that is related to work?
  • If so, what were you looking for? Have you found it?
  • If not, how would you have liked your problem to be solved online?
  • Did the article make it easy for you and answer your questions?
  • If you had to find information online about the current project you are working on right now, what would it be?
  • What were the mistakes or lessons learned from your last project or assignment?
  • In what ways do you think you and your team accomplished your last project or assignment better than most?
  • By what measures have you been measured?
  • How do you think you could have reduced time or budget on this project?
  • How many hours per week would you say you devote to research for your job?

These are just a few of the questions I would ask them. Even if you only had time to ask two of these questions, it gives you two ideas for a new blog post.

But how would you write the hugely technical information on the topic you just interviewed?

Great question.

You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours

Maybe you are like me and have your civil engineering degree, have experience in the engineering and construction industry and have now found yourself in marketing and writing business. ‘a blog post like this. So you might think, “Well, I know the technical stuff, it’s easy! “

Maybe you are not some random anomaly people wonder how you both do marketing and engineering. You may have a degree in Marketing, English, Communication, or Business. You are absolutely on your knees to write and really don’t need a lot of help in this area.

But now you’re forced to write for an extremely technical blog about something only an engineer knows about (and you might regret that brainstorm you and I just had).

This is when you ask to choose their brain once again. You don’t have to meet if they don’t have time. But maybe you could persuade them to be a team player for the business and show their motivation and commitment to helping the business grow by writing a brief description of the topic you just discussed.

It could be product specifications, lessons learned from the project, safety habits they just implemented in a dangerous project, or the design of a new system that you don’t yet fully understand. made.

Have them write it down for you. You appreciate their hard work and want to share it with the world. You want to showcase their talent and expertise. You want to show how great your business is to have ideal qualities and practices. The more technical you are, the better. And the more passionate you are about what they have shared with you, the more passionate they will be when it comes to sharing more information with you.

Not only does this help your work and the company blog, but it helps the engineer in his career and position in the company. You will find yourself consulting them in the future for more information on other topics. They will start to become, in your head, the expert. The essential engineer. The accomplished hard worker who has the best interests of the company at heart because they are so willing to provide you with the right information.

So what’s in it for them? Try to thank them by acknowledging their contributions to the company and to their superiors. They scratch your back and you scratch theirs. Help their careers advance by hinting at their knowledge, expertise and willingness to be a team player for the company.

Just a little bit of action on supply and demand

They are simply people of economy. Supply and demand. There is a strong demand for information on educational and technical engineering. The content sought by engineers is also very low. You just have to find out what it is. Use your people. Use the tools out there that are designed to help you with that. Feed your prospects.

Creating content is the number one challenge for engineering companies.[1] But it doesn’t have to be that way for you. You just need to identify, create and publish the most valuable content that will drive traffic to your website. And it is not a unique thing. This epic blog that we just created together is an ongoing project. It has to post content consistently and it has to be epic. Epic enough to drive traffic to your website, convert leads to leads, and then qualify them as a sales opportunity through the lead maturation process.

Be the benchmark engineering firm

Be the company people turn to for how-to articles, safety guidelines, building codes, OSHA best practices, lessons learned, project management tips and tricks, specifications for products, installation videos and more.

You have a blog full of this type of in-depth technical information, and that will be great. Not only will your engineering company rank higher for winning contracts and awards, more engineers will want to come and work for your company. And I know that for a lot of companies this is a hot topic.

Getting by with a little help from my friends

Maybe you think you don’t have the capacity, budget, or manpower to organize this awesome brainstorming session.

First of all, let me ask you this: what if you can’t do it? What if you don’t create a change to move the stubborn needle of the measurements you’re measured on quarterly? What happens to you ?

I have good news. There are agencies offering specific services for this exact situation, offering you a lifeline. They give you the manpower, resources, and expertise for the duration you need to use them. And believe me, it’s cheaper and you get a better return on your investment in the end by hiring an agency like this, instead of hiring a new person internally.

Stand out from other engineering companies with your epic engineering blog and market your business uniquely from others. Dare to be different.

Ready… Pause!


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