How to Create a Mix Playlist on Spotify with Friends

Image credit: Spotify

You can make Spotify mix with friend or foe with Friends Mix on Spotify and create common Spotify playlist.

Friends Mix is ​​a playlist that lets you merge Spotify accounts, combining your musical tastes with two or more users and creating a playlist based on what you and your friends listen to.

Playlist is an add-on to the Spotify Blend playlist feature, which creates a blend of your listening history and that of up to ten other users, or an artist.

Where is my Spotify Friends Mix?

Friends Mix is ​​available on desktop and the Spotify iOS app. If you’ve created more than three two-man mixes on Spotify, you’ll be able to see your friends mix in the made for you section on the Spotify app.

The playlist will show which friends have listened to which song and show any overlap in musical tastes. Friends Mix is ​​updated daily so you get new recommendations as Spotify learns what you and your friends like to listen to.

If you want to add a friend to your Friends Mix, create a new Blend with them.

As the Friends Mix contains music picks from everyone you’ve mixed with one-on-one, the selection should be a fun mix of different genres of music and new recommendations you wouldn’t have found on your own. .

Spotify’s recommendation algorithm is one of its greatest strengths as a streaming app. Spotify is investing more and more energy in social features, encouraging social media sharing and pushing community listening with Blend playlists and the launch of the live audio platform spotify live.

And remember, if all the songs outside of your choices are garbage, the skip button is your friend…

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