How brokers can create great blog content for their websites


It’s not every day that people look for a mortgage broker. But when they do, you, as a broker, must have an established and engaging online presence, so that you can earn their business.

Why? Because potential clients will secretly search for you and rival brokers by visiting your websites. The better your online presence, the more professional and knowledgeable you will appear, and the more likely these customers are to choose you over your rivals.

So how do you create an engaging online presence? One way is to regularly post quality blog content.

So how do you write great blog content?

By knowing two things: who your customer is; and what they want to find in your blog.

Who is your client?

Home buyers come in many flavors, from young first-time buyers to seniors.

To create great content for your website, you need to decide what type of marketer you are writing for. If you think of your blog as a letter from you to your customer, not only will you be able to find the content more easily, but you will also enjoy writing the blog more.

What do they want to find?

Once you’ve determined who you’re writing for, you need to write in a style that resonates with them. How? ‘Or’ What? First, use their language. Second, talk about their dreams and pain points in a way that involves you knowing and caring about them.

Use their language

People don’t like to read business jargon. Terms like “LVR” and “amortization” can confuse your customers and make them even more anxious about an already complicated process.

Instead, “translate” mortgage terms into everyday language. This way, your customers will not feel ignorant, but rather confident in the process.

Talk about their dreams and their pain points

From experience, you know what a typical customer expects during the buying process and also what problems they are trying to avoid.

Use your blog to talk about those hopes and dreams. Describe the process in language they understand. Prepare them for the unintended consequences they wouldn’t have considered because they don’t buy a property every day.

Don’t waste the opportunity to impress your potential customers

If you follow this advice, you will impress potential customers who secretly visit your website as part of their research process. W

When they read your blog, they’ll see you as a trusted authority figure who can guide them through what could be the biggest deal of their life. This, in turn, will make them more likely to contact you.

A blog is often the first real chance a broker gets to impress potential clients.

Don’t waste the opportunity.

How brokers can create great blog content for their websites

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Last updated: July 05, 2021

Posted: 05 July 2021

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Nick bendel

Nick bendel

Nick Bendel is the director of Hunter & Scribe, a content writing / marketing agency that writes blogs and other content for mortgage brokers.

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