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Next men: With defensive lineman Tyson Alualu now on the reserve / injured roster, he’ll be the next Steelers defense to move forward.

Or maybe even the next men in this case, as the team now has two defensive linemen with Stephon Tuitt already on the reserve / injured list.

“I think it’s going to be a committee role,” defensive lineman Chris Wormley said Monday. “I think there are going to be a lot of guys who are going to have to step up, including me. We have younger guys like (Isaiahh) Loudermilk and Carlos (Davis) that we’re so excited to have in the mix. (Isaiah ) Buggs has been around for a while and he will need to step up his efforts as well. We are delighted to take up the challenge and every time Tyson returns we will welcome him with open arms. Until then it will be a bigger burden for them. other guys, myself included. “

Wormley started late Sunday against the Raiders, and while he can play anywhere along the line, at this point he doesn’t plan to slide to the nose tackle where Alualu was.

“If (coach) Mike T (Tomlin) and (Karl) Dunbar want me to play there, I can play there,” Wormley said. “But we have Carlos and Buggs who I think are going to do a great job in this position. They are young, but they’ve had a lot of shots, at least Buggs over the last couple of years. I’m excited for them to fill in. this role.

“I can play right down the line. I’m excited for the challenge, whatever weekly game plan Mike T has for us. Until then, I’ll probably stay where I’ve been.”

It’s always a blow to a unit when they lose a player, especially a starting player, for an extended period of time, and that’s certainly the case with Alualu’s injury. But it was not a situation on Sunday where defensive line coach Karl Dunbar had to tell the players what to do. They just did.

“It’s an understanding when someone like Tyson falls,” Wormley said. “Everyone understands what he brings from the defensive end of the ball to the nose position, and we all step up. There is no rah-rah speech or troop rallying. We understand what the mission was.

“When you lose a guy like Tyson you have to think a little bit about who is going to step up and I think it will be all of us.”

While experience may lack a bit when it comes to depth now in play, talent is certainly not lacking with Davis, Buggs, Loudermilk and now Henry Mondeaux, who has been activated from the practice squad to the roster. of 53 players. Monday. Wormley feels good regardless of the mix of players put into action to fill the void.

“With Mondeaux, we had so many guys, a lot of depth this year, that he was able to train with the team,” said Wormley. “I’m glad he has another chance. He played well last year when he was called up. Youngsters like Loudermilk he played pretty well (Sunday), it was his first game as a rookie I’m delighted to see him continue to take action and move forward.

“Buggs and Carlos are there too and I’m delighted that they are taking the next step as well.

“I think (Carlos) is a more self-confident player. As a rookie you face a hundred different things other than football. Trying to learn a new city. You continue to be the one. great dog from Nebraska (where he played), to be a rookie. He was learning and trying to understand life in general last year. Now you can see he’s a little more comfortable, a little more confident, on and off the pitch, which will help him a lot.

“His departure is ridiculous and his assisting skills have only increased this year. So we’re all excited to see him get sacks this year and put some pressure on the quarterback with his gifted talents of God.

“I think (Buggs) understands his role a bit more. He understands defense in general. When he’s there he can disrupt some things in the middle, especially at that nose position. line It is also improved in the pass.

“Like I said, I’m delighted that all of these young guys and myself are taking this next step and replacing Tyson and Tuitt.”

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