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To improve the YouTube experience in education environments, Google is releasing YouTube Player for Education, a new embedded YouTube player that displays content without distractions such as ads, external links or recommendations.

For starters, the company partners with US-based IT companies including EDpuzzle, Purdue University, and Purdue Global. YouTube Player for Education will also enhance the existing built-in YouTube player in Google Classroom for an even better YouTube experience.

Google also announced that next year, qualified creators can begin offering free or paid courses to provide in-depth and structured learning experiences for viewers. Viewers who choose to purchase a course can watch the video ad-free and play in the background.

The courses will first come to the United States and South Korea in beta before expanding to other countries.

Finally, to help learners apply what they’ve learned, YouTube offers quizzes, a new way for creators to help viewers test their knowledge.

For example, a math creator who recently published a series on algebra can create a quiz in the Community tab to ask their viewers a question related to a concept taught in their latest video. The quizzes will be rolling out in beta over the next few months, with all creators with the Community tab having access to the quizzes next year.

Earlier this year, YouTube introduced an option for creators to add metadata allowing them to target their content to specific levels and topics.

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