Friends of the Broughton Mosque call for respect in debate over planning applications

Design view of the planned Broughton Mosque

The Friends of the Broughton Mosque call for respect in the debate surrounding the development application for the potential new place of worship.


The planned mosque proved a divisive issue among locals.

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Hundreds of people have written to Preston City Council and the Planning Inspectorate both in favor and against the proposal.

Although it was approved by Preston City Council in early February, the government then called the planning application for the building, which would be called the Brick Veil Mosque.

A planning survey is due to begin on Tuesday (August 2).

In their statement, the Friends of Broughton Mosque say: “We urgently call on everyone involved in the debate surrounding the proposal for the Brick Veil Mosque in North Preston to conduct discussions in a respectful and transparent manner.

They claim that an anonymous website criticizing the planned mosque has been launched which contains “false and potentially defamatory content”.

The statement continues: “We fully understand that there are many legitimate opinions on the proposal.

“However, in the interest of good community relations, we urge everyone involved in the discussions to refrain from anonymous attacks and to speak up in a professional and respectful manner.

“We believe that some of the anonymous website content falls well below these values.”

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A local resident opposing the anonymous website is consultant urologist Ahsanul Haq.

Ahsanul said: “I have spoken publicly in favor of the mosque – I think it is a great project that will benefit the whole community. This offensive website seems to imply that I don’t live in the area, and what I have to say about the proposal is irrelevant.

“I can assure you that I live close to the site, and having spent much of my career providing medical care to local people, there is nothing wrong with me expressing my honest opinion on this. development and the benefits I think it will bring.”

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