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Are YouTube Premium users getting ripped off? Here are exactly the changes to the free YouTube Music app.

A few weeks ago, YouTube announced that it was rolling out an update to the free YouTube Music app that would soon see users in Canada playing YouTube Music in the background while browsing elsewhere on their iPhone, Android or other device.

This sparked a YouTube Music versus YouTube Premium debate, as paid users made it clear that they weren’t impressed that freemium users could access perks they had to shell out for.

In response, YouTube Music was quick to clarify some things.

For users in Canada who have not signed up for YouTube Music Premium, background playback on YouTube Music will be audio only, still with the ads that are an integral part of using YouTube for free.

Which free users habit being able to do is listen to music without being in shuffle mode, or turn off those annoying ads. They cannot watch videos on YouTube Music, and the number of skips is limited.

Free YouTube Music users will still have unlimited access to songs they have uploaded to the app themselves. They will be able to listen to personalized playlists, but only in shuffle play, and access mixes adapted to different scenarios such as workouts.

You can read YouTube’s full “Ask Me Anything” answer here. The changes arrive from November 3 in Canada initially, and roll out worldwide thereafter.

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