Do I have to protect my music before uploading it to YouTube?


YouTube Content ID protects your music on the platform, and you can get it for free by uploading your music to the RouteNote distribution.

Do I have to protect my music before uploading it to YouTube? Yes – to make sure that your music is protected on YouTube, you must first make sure that your song is in the YouTube content identification system. Free distribution with RouteNote makes it easy to get paid for streaming your music on YouTube.

Fight for your rights! Adding your music to YouTube Content ID with RouteNote protects your music in the wonderful world of YouTube, so you always get paid whenever your songs are used in videos, including YouTube short films. Content ID searches the site and automatically finds your songs.

For setup, just select YouTube Content ID in stores when uploading your tracks to RouteNote. After a few weeks, YouTube will put your music into the system and you will start making money from views of videos that use your music.

Content ID is audio copyright based and directs the revenue stream to you, the music copyright owner, with no impact on the user’s channels who uploaded the video. This is not a copyright notice.

If you are an artist who does not meet the requirements of YouTube partners to monetize your own music channel, Content ID is also a useful way to make money watching your music videos.

Uploading your music to RouteNote is completely free. In addition to YouTube, we can upload your tracks to streaming services like YouTube Music and Apple Music, as well as social media platforms like TikTok. You get unlimited downloads and keep 85% of the revenue. If you know that your release is going to generate a lot of reads and feeds, Premium distribution costs little and allows you to keep 100% of the earnings.

So, to make sure you protect your rights as an artist, be sure to select Copyright ID when uploading your music to RouteNote.

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