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When we started talking about the launch of Destiny 2 on the Epic Games Store, the goal was to make the game even more accessible to users around the world, regardless of the platform they prefer. But as soon as Bungie and Epic started talking, they realized they were big fans of each other, and things started to snowball. So that’s how we ended up with a crossover spanning three games, six characters/outfits, a map recreation, and three Guardian classes reimagined as rock-em-sock-em candy.

Both studios were branching out into new territory. Destiny 2 does not have characters from other games. And on Epic’s side, while they’re celebrating welcoming a huge collection of recognizable faces into their universe, nothing of their original Fortnite outfits have appeared in any other game…until now.

“When we started talking about who would be coming to Destiny 2 from Fortnite, we knew we wanted iconic, instantly recognizable outfits that were also fan favorites,” said Joss Price, director of strategic partnerships at Bungie. “We made our shortlist and when we went to Epic they were already on the same page.”

The list said: Drift, Black Knight, Oblivion.

Given that the teams at Epic and Bungie are big fans of each other’s games, it was no surprise that they agreed when choosing outfits. It was easy to picture the sleek, streamlined Oblivion as a hunter. In other cases, it wasn’t just that Drift’s long coat matched the silhouette of a Warlock, the fact that they were imbued with magic also came into play. Black Knight as Titan? Easy choice.

In a well-established universe, it can sometimes be difficult to specify what makes something click in or pop out like a sore thumb. Luckily, Destiny 2 and Fortnite have been getting regular updates for years, and both teams have gotten really good at identifying when something blends perfectly with the universe.

Destiny 2 Trade Area Manager Justin Dazet spoke enthusiastically about the team of artists working at Bungie. “Our artists are amazing at taking something that doesn’t seem to fit on paper and approaching it from a place we never could have imagined. We hold our artistic pillars very close, and I think you can see that. in the consistency of our outings.Our goal is to ensure that you are never out of fantasy.

There is no one way to be a Guardian. And though they take many forms and have an endless variety of styles (#ThreadsOfLight), we share the community’s respect for the Destiny universe and can sense when something feels out of place.

We also share the community’s passion for playing with non-canon elements – after all, we never stopped being fans. Our goal is to strike a balance that allows us to expand our creativity in new ways while mindfully bringing things back until they feel at home.

Price recalls, “A guiding phrase for us was, ‘Authentically Destiny 2, definitely Fortnite. We were mixing two worlds and we knew it was possible to stay true to both, otherwise we wouldn’t have tried it.

Flying in the opposite direction (possibly in a battle bus), we find three iconic Destiny 2 characters: the Titan Vanguard, Commander Zavala; the Warlock vanguard, Ikora Rey; and the time-traveling Exo Stranger.

“Like us, Epic has a really good idea of ​​how things should fit into their game and what their design principles are,” said Bungie art lead Josh Deeb. “The fact that they were fans of Destiny 2 allowed us to stay true to what makes our characters so special. It felt like we were speaking the same language.”

The teams identified characteristics that make each character instantly recognizable and sought to preserve these key aspects:

● Zavala’s glowing eyes which are a characteristic of the Awoken race.

● Ikora’s facial expressions, a signature of the warlock’s intimidating and studious personality.

● Exo Stranger’s robotic elements set her apart from her two biological companions.

In addition to the three Destiny 2 characters making their Fortnite debut, Epic also worked with creative team PWR to create a full Destiny 2 Fortnite map.

“Javelin-4 is one of the most iconic and best-played cards out there and it’s done really well,” Price said. “The PWR team are big fans of Destiny, and the map was extensively tested until it found a balance that was true to both games.”

“As lifelong Bungie fans and avid Destiny 2 and Fortnite players, it’s been an incredible opportunity to work alongside such talented teams,” said PWR’s Creative Director of Game Development, Boomer Gurney. “Bringing these two iconic games to life in one experience was a challenge and only possible because of the passion of everyone involved. This project was our most tested game to date, and while it was invaluable in refining and capturing the spirit of both titles, I think everyone had a lot of fun playing. We are very proud of what we have been able to create together and excited for players to experience it in straight to Fortnite.

Destiny Universe Concept Art Lead Dima Goryainov spoke about one of the biggest challenges PWR faced with the recreation of Javelin-4. “PWR has done an amazing job of finding really creative ways to use the existing Fortnite asset library and creative toolset to match the visuals of Destiny 2 very closely. Some areas of the map look almost identical to the Original Javelin-4 and even for something as specific as the rocket, enough similar parts have been used creatively to still get the overall impression. They absolutely nailed the look in terms of visual design, detail density, and lighting.

Joining the party and adding some extra chaos to the crossover, Mediatonic made the Fall Guys collab as painless as a pillow fight. As Fall Guys developers, Mediatonic are all pros and have successfully added new characters to their universe on numerous occasions. But for us, it was uncharted territory. We’d never seen the three Destiny classes represented as buzzing beans before – most of us had never even considered what it might look like – but as soon as we witnessed Mediatonic’s revealing implementation , from concept art to adorable playable characters, approval on our side was a breeze. I mean come on:

As if that weren’t enough, Katie Lennox, Director of Consumer Products at Bungie, hinted at something the two teams are working on: “I can’t say much right now, but we’re really excited to partner. To our friends at Fall Guys on additional special squishy offers for fans to be revealed at a later date!”

Follow fall guys and the Bungie Shop on Twitter to make sure you’re notified when the announcement happens.

Looking back, this partnership was obvious. There are a lot of crossovers between the communities; people who love playing Fortnite end up loving Destiny and vice versa. In fact, it was easy to find examples in our two studios. At Bungie, Dazet can’t start his day without playing Fall Guys. Destiny 2 Game Director Joe Blackburn loves playing Fortnite with his family, and Epic Creative Director Donald Mustard has said Destiny 2 is one of his favorite games of all time.

When you combine fandom with a passion for creativity, the results can be amazing; just look at the incredible work that comes out of both communities. This magical combination was found throughout this collaboration.

“Although it was our first collaboration game, it felt like we were at the World Series,” Deeb said. “And to stretch the analogy a bit, when you’re working in games, you often feel like you’re in the same sports league. So it’s understandable that some people might see this as a hyper-competitive landscape, but it’s “It’s the opposite. We’re all fans of playing the game, so to speak, and teaming up like that is incredibly fun.”

And so, as you prepare to take out your new Black Knight ornament for a Nightfall ride, throw a fluffy-fisted haymaker or hop out of the Battle Bus with iconic sparrows and sword-themed pickaxes in hand, count yourself among the hundreds of fans who have made it a reality. We hope you enjoy playing what we did as much as we do.

We are all Guardians now. See you in the stars.

Destiny 2, Fortnite, and Fall Guys are available for free on the Epic Games Store and PlayStation Store. PlayStation owners who link their account will be able to unlock a new Destiny 2 emblem which will be released on September 1. Destiny 2 content is available today on Fortnite. Fortnite-themed armor ornaments are available today in Destiny 2. Guardian-themed costumes will be coming to Fall Guys starting September 17.

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