Deezer saw a 61% increase in podcast feeds

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Deezer’s 2021 podcast trends show ‘TED Talks Daily’, ‘Culture & Society’ and France among the most popular shows, genres and countries.

Deezer recently posted its users’ podcast listening trends for International Podcast Day. As is the case with most other platforms and the format as a whole, podcasts continued to grow on Deezer, with a 61% increase in audio streaming content last year. The music streaming platform is also attracting new listeners to the format, with a 40% growth in active podcast users over the same period.

Most Popular Podcasts

Best genres

The most popular genres in the past year were Culture & Society, Comedy, True crime, Music and audio commentary, followed by Education.

Main countries

The number one country for podcast feeds was unsurprisingly the service’s founding country, France. Brazil, Germany, United Kingdom and Mexico make up the remaining top five. Deezer says Britons spend the most time streaming podcasts, averaging 40 minutes per session, compared to countries like France and Brazil who prefer quick bursts of less than 10 minutes. Morning seems to be the favorite, with the most common time for listening to podcasts around the world at 10 a.m., while Germany is the exception at 11 p.m. rush hour.

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