Crowdfunding to help White Center’s Huong Xua Deli recover from fire damage

YOU CAN HELP: Crowdfunding to help White Center’s Huong Xua Deli recover from fire damage

(Photo WCN, September 13)

Less than two weeks after the 3-alarm fire that destroyed the enclosure Changing room in downtown White Center, its neighbor to the north, Huong Xua Deli, still struggles to recover from damage. (Our photo above shows what it looked like a few hours after the fire.) So their neighbors to the north, Full Tilt Ice Cream owners Justin cline and Anne Magyar, launched a crowdfunding page for community donations to help Huong Xua reopen. The page presents this message from the owners of the charcuterie:

My name is Kevin Bui and my wife is Phuong Nguyen. I came to the United States when I was young. Growing up, I didn’t have so many opportunities and riches. I had to work to support myself and my family. Even through struggle, our culture brings happiness and everyone together. That’s why I wanted to open a small business to share cultural foods like Bánh Mì, Bún Bò Huế, thịt Heo Quay (roast pork) and many other foods. When we inherited the business from the previous owners, everything was still the same but slowed down due to the pandemic. It wasn’t too long ago that our Roast Pork Sandwich was rated # 1 as the best Bánh Mì in Puget Sound by the Seattle Times. I could tell it was a blessing. Our company has got more clients from all over the state. Everything was going well until a fire spread to our Deli. There were 3 fires in the space of 5 months, but this time Hương Xưa Deli was hit and damaged by water and fire retardant. Our friendly neighbor from Full Tilt started this fundraiser to help us rebuild our deli. Our family’s income depends on this activity. Anything will help you, thank you all for your support, I hope we can rebuild a new Deli ASAP located where we are right now to serve our lovely community of White Center.

You can donate going here.

PS Italian cafe Bizzarro, south of the changing rooms, also remains closed. King County Sheriff’s Office Spokesperson Sgt. Tim meyer told WCN that investigators believed “smoking material” started the blaze, as happened with the April fire that closed the locker room.

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