Can Spotify play music and podcasts offline?

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Spotify Premium members can download music and podcasts for listening offline. Here’s how to download content and adjust the quality.

Having music and podcasts available when you’re offline is super useful whether you’re on an airplane, underground, in a cabin in the woods, or just don’t want to eat in your data allowance while on the go. Good news for Spotify Premium subscribers. You can easily download music and podcasts for offline playback on mobile, desktop, or even Apple Watch. This means that you can stream music as you like without logging in or encroaching on your monthly data. Playing downloaded music also saves battery power, as files are stored locally. Unfortunately, Spotify Free members can only download podcasts and not music.

Note that you can’t download individual songs, so put them in a download playlist. You can download up to 10,000 songs on each of 5 different devices. You will need to log in at least once every 30 days to keep your downloads. Spotify says it’s so they can collect play data to pay artists, but it’s also so the app can make sure you’re still paying your monthly fees.

Audio quality and storage

Before downloading music, check your playback settings. You can adjust the audio quality of streamed and downloaded songs in the settings. For Spotify Premium members, there are four audio quality options: Moo, Normal, High and Very high. Although it depends on the length of the songs you download, here are the calculations for how much data 1,000 songs at three minutes each use for each quality slice:

  • Low (24 kbps) – 540 MB
  • Normal (96 kbit / s) – 2.16 GB
  • High (160 kbps) – 3.6 GB
  • Very high (320 kbps) – 7.2 GB

If you are not concerned with audio quality or are running out of storage space on your device, I recommend choosing Moo Where Normal. If you want better audio quality and have a lot of free space, choose High Where Very high.

Find out how to adjust Spotify audio quality on mobile and desktop here. Note that Spotify will launch its HiFi music level soon.

How to download music

On mobile or desktop, head to the album, playlist or podcast show you want to download, click the icon with the down arrow in the circle.

A green download icon indicates that the download was successful. You will also see green icons next to each downloaded track. You can find all downloaded content in Your library. To save cellular data on mobile, by default, music will only be downloaded when you are connected to WiFi, unless you turn it on Download Using Cellular in the Audio quality The settings. On mobile, you can monitor the amount of storage available on your device and the consumption of Spotify and downloaded audio. Head to the cog at the top right of the Home tab, then tap Storage room.

Now that you’ve downloaded music, you can go without worrying about consuming too much data or spotty signal. To make sure Spotify is not using any data, you can enable Offline mode in the desktop or mobile app. On mobile, press the cog at the top right of the Home tab, choose Proofreading, then turn on the Offline to fall over. On the desktop you will find Offline mode in the menu bar. On a PC, look for the menu bar under the three dots in the upper left corner. Whereas in Offline mode, anything you haven’t downloaded will be grayed out and unavailable.

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