Business Wire celebrates 60 years of innovation

Happy 60e anniversary, Business Wire! We have a lot to celebrate!

For 60 years:

  • We have developed long-standing relationships both within our organization and across the newswire industry, positioning ourselves as a trusted partner with businesses, journalists, investment professionals. , regulators and search engines.
  • We have held a key position at the intersection of technology and information creation, distribution and consumption, allowing us to focus on the services and innovations needed to connect organizations with the public. .
  • We have built the teams and solutions necessary to provide our clients with the exceptional customer service they deserve.

Looking back

Becoming the world leader in press release distribution and regulatory disclosure did not happen overnight. We are proud of our progress and grateful to everyone who helped us along the way.


Founded by Lorry I. Lokey, Business Wire opened on October 2, 1961, with seven clients and a handful of media outlets. We are now helping thousands of clients across many industries and empowering media partners around the world to add their stories to the continuous news cycle.

Currently our scope includes:

  • 60 national and international press agencies
  • Over 100,000 media in 162 countries
  • 1,600 delivery options in over 100 languages
  • Choice of over 200 industry trade categories


As we grew, we focused on innovative solutions and became the first commercial news wire to offer. satellite-to-computer press release delivery in 1978. That meant more news went further, faster.


Throughout the 1980s, Business Wire recognized the changing needs of end users for late-breaking and historical information and introduced two new distribution features.

To provide instant access to archived press releases, we have started distributing press releases in historical news databases. Today, Business Wire content has been available in LexisNexis since 1983, helping those looking for past data.

Additionally, during this period, we have made it easier for the financial public to access the latest news by issuing press releases directly to investment firms and financial analysts.


In 1995, we launched, the leading commercial industry newswire on the Internet. This allowed the public to instantly and without access to the real-time press releases distributed through our service. Today, our website organizes news by industry, topic, content, and more, making it easy for journalists, analysts and the general public to find, read and share the news that interests them most.

The introduction of the public web has led to an increased importance of visuals in press releases. The Smart press release, bringing together information and images into a comprehensive multimedia press release, was launched in 1997. With the smart press release, for the very first time, journalists received and could view both a press release and content. multimedia in a single news folder, instantly usable for publication. This combination of text and visual supplement continues to drive higher engagement compared to a text-only press release.

Smart press releases:

  • Generate on average 3 times more activity
  • Help audiences understand news quickly with text and visuals
  • Increase the probability of hedging
  • Provide one-click access to multimedia resources


In 2003, we launched Business Wire NX Network, a closed and two-way news feed on the Internet. The NX news platform, for the first time, enabled journalists and the end audience to receive press releases formatted with bullets, bold text, hyperlinks, etc.

A great year for Business Wire, we became a 100% subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway in 2006.


In 2011, Business Wire celebrated its 50e anniversary by ringing the NYSE opening bell.

With information security in mind, Business Wire reviewed the practices and received our SOC 2 Type II certification in 2014. This was another industry first and a demonstration of Business Wire’s unwavering commitment to protecting the submission and scheduled publication of our clients’ sensitive announcements.

The following year, we added a new feature to the Smart News Release: the exclusive broadcast of press release videos to AP Video Center. This addition has made it easier for AP reporters and their subscribers to access our clients’ video content.

In 2018, we launched Interactive media Business Wire, the industry’s first set of interactive press releases, designed specifically to maximize reader attention and engagement. In fact, Business Wire Interactive Media releases receive more than double the attention that traditional press releases do.

Business Wire Interactive Media press releases:

  • Support a wide range of goals such as scope of content, engagement and adoption, inbound traffic and data collection (read our case studies)
  • Engage the audience 30-50% more than traditional press releases thanks to an interactive format
  • Increase the multimedia activity of press releases by 33%


Businesses faced unexpected challenges in 2020 due to the pandemic, driving changes in the events industry.

To support our clients’ participation in trade fairs and conferences, Spotlight on the event debuted in early 2020, replacing traditional online media kits with amplified interactive journeys, put directly into the hands of journalists and prospects.

Spotlight on the event:

  • Turn static content into a single interactive customer journey
  • Drive engagement and adoption by guiding users through a comprehensive suite of content
  • Can be easily amplified on our newswire and customer landing pages

Looking forward

The news cycle doesn’t stop and consumers expect continuous content. We have learned a lot in 60 years and remain committed to delivering information in a safe, secure and accurate manner. As the ever-changing media landscape changes, we’ll continue to provide enhancements and tools to help you tell your story.

Thank you

Thank you to our employees, our customers, our partners, our readers and our industry. Thank you for these 60 beautiful years! We look forward to changing the industry together.

In honor of our Diamond Anniversary, we’ve put together 60 media relations recommendations that reflect today’s communications landscape. Download our guide, Celebrate 60 with 60 tips.

Business Wire timeline from 1961 to 2021.

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