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Hello everyone and happy Wednesday! When I asked the ladies here at the office what they thought I should write on my blog, they gave me a harsh answer: “Anything you want”. So after thinking about it earlier this week, I found something I want to try. I thought about the different things I like to talk about, and books and movies are the first things that came to mind. So, I think every Wednesday I will have a “Wednesday Works” blog where I can blog about different novels I’ve read and kind of give a short summary of the book and rate/recommend the book. Also, on Fridays, I’ll have a “Friday Flicks” blog where I can write about movies I’ve seen and rate/recommend them as well. You readers can even comment on certain books and/or movies that you would like me to watch/read and I can give my honest opinion about them.

So for my first “Wednesday Works”, I’m going to start with a book I first read when I was 15. The book is called “Of Mice and Men”, and when I first read this book, it took me a while to understand the realism and authenticity of the book. The book is about two migrant ranch workers, Lennie and George, who are good friends traveling together to find work. It tells how hard it is for the two to keep jobs as Lennie always finds a way to get in trouble. Lennie has an intellectual disability and George always has to look after him and get Lennie out of trouble. The two finally find a ranch which could be a place where they could work for a while to earn enough money to buy their own land, though George has to make sure Lennie doesn’t find a way to spoil the opportunity. for both. .

There are a lot of topics covered in this book, like racism, that are really hard for the reader to digest. It is also one of the books that earned a place on the “banned books” list published by the American Library Association due to its foul language content and mistreatment of women in the book. Even though the story has difficult content, the main focus of the story encompasses the “big brother friendship” that the two main characters have with each other and has moments that really touch you.

I highly recommend this novel to anyone looking for a good read. Also, I would give the book an 8/10, bearing in mind some of the difficult content.

Thank you for joining me in my first “Wednesday Works”. If you want to comment and recommend a book I should do for the next “Wednesday Works” or if you want to comment on a movie I should discuss for the “Friday Flicks”, feel free to do so!

Savannah Boone is a writer for the GCDW. In this column, she will write about books and other forms of writing. Patti thinks she uses too many exclamation points, but they match her bubbly personality. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading and watching movies, especially the Harry Potter series. If you want to share your story or need a friend to talk to, Savannah can be reached at [email protected]

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