Blog: Tips for Avoiding Theme Park Accidents (03/06/22)

It wouldn’t be summer without a ride on a roller coaster or a ride on a Ferris wheel. Unfortunately, accidents can happen when you enjoy activities like this. Emergency rooms across the country are seeing theme park-related injuries that are largely preventable. The following safety tips can help you avoid accidents.

follow the rules

Statistically, theme parks are safe destinations and most of them have their own rules. It is important to follow the rules and explain to your children why they are important. Ignoring the rules regarding age and height requirements for rides could lead to unnecessary injury.

Don’t try to trick the system into persuading an operator that your child is so close to the right age or height that it won’t matter. Note any other driving restrictions such as back and neck problems or heart problems. Skip some rides if you want to be safe rather than sorry. Listen to attendants when they tell you to remain seated with your limbs inside a vehicle.

Be dressed properly

It’s easy for loose clothing getting caught in riding gear and causing choking and other problems. Instead, avoid loose clothing. Flip flops can also get caught in the material and it is best to wear closed shoes. Check that shoe laces are not loose as they could also get caught and cause accidents.

Don’t force your kids to ride a bike

Forcing a terrified child to ride a roller coaster is neither smart nor safe. You may think pushing your kids will help them overcome their fears, but if they aren’t emotionally ready, that’s a mistake. Your child may panic during the ride and this could lead to injury. You need to listen to your kids and encourage them to do the rides they are ready for.

Take special precautions with water rides

If you go to a water park, you must take extra precautions. Objectively assess your children’s swimming skills. Plan the attractions, slides and bodies of water you will visit.

Check that the park has life jackets and bring your own if you think they won’t meet your needs. Insist that your young children wear life jackets at all times, because when a pool is packed, it’s nearly impossible to keep your eyes on them at all times. The water always adds to the unpredictability and even if there are well-trained lifeguards, accidents can happen.

Stay logged in

Have an action plan in place if you and your children are separated in the park. Identify a uniformed employee so children know who to contact safely. Young children may not be able to remember your cell phone number, so it is helpful to put some sort of identifying information on them.

Even if you have older children, it’s important to check in with them often. You might identify a physical location where you could meet, as their cell phones could easily go blank, making cell phone check-ins impossible.

If you see something, talk about it

Do park employees engage in dangerous behavior, such as talking on the phone or appearing distracted? It helps if you tell your kids ahead of time what to do if they know something is wrong. They shouldn’t worry about disturbing someone by speaking. If a ride’s harness is not properly attached, they should know that talking about it could prevent a serious accident.

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