Blog: That old feeling (06/03/22)

I spent the majority of my four years in college preparing term papers, writing term papers, and helping others write term papers. This is how it goes when you decide to go for a degree in creative writing. In addition to the elementary gen ed courses, the aim was to learn the craft of writing, reading and analyzing texts.

Now it’s hard for me not analyze. A book, a show, a movie, a play, even a song. I’m sure my teachers would love to hear that, but it’s not always my cup of tea.

I’ve done my time with this job, but it never seems to completely go away. I guess that’s the point of a solid education: skills that stay with you long after you graduate.

I’ve heard others say that after they graduate they still have those panicky moments where they think they’re missing a test or an assignment is due or something. It’s those old little habits that our brains have had to work with for so long and that come back from time to time.

These little things that stick to our skin, even to the point of annoying that a small dose of anxiety rises and slaps us out of nowhere. Why should I panic about my overdue British Literature article when I haven’t done one in over a year?

And at the same time, why do I need to analyze the content and context of the meanings of everything I read in this book just for fun?

Because brains are weird, that’s why.

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