Blog: Talking about cutting the cord, donating blood (1/7/22)

Hope everyone had a good holiday season. My family and I have done this and have managed to make it (so far) without any serious winter illnesses or viruses of any kind.

Santa was good to us, better than we probably deserved.

I wanted to share with you a few things that have recently happened in my life, one relatively unimportant on the whole (but good financially) and the other literally a life and death situation.

Cut the rope

One thing my wife and I were able to do at the end of last year was finally find enough time to switch from DirecTV satellite TV service to YouTubeTV.

We had used DirecTV in our rural home primarily for convenience and for the best option available, but when we got great WiFi service a few years ago we knew it was a good decision to make the switch.

I was actually won over by the idea when I visited some friends just before Thanksgiving, who had made the same change and were very happy.

We chose YouTubeTV mostly on their recommendation, although there are other similar services like Hulu Live, Sling, and Tubi.

From the reviews I’ve read ours is the most popular and we’ll stick with something better. I’m embarrassed to say what we were paying for satellite service, but our new bill of $ 64.95 (plus $ 15 for HBO) is a savings of $ 110 from our previous bill.

Want to make this change? You must have two things:

1. Excellent Wi-Fi signal

2. Smart TV

If you don’t have both, don’t bother yet.

A Smart TV is basically a TV and a huge iPad combined into one, and you watch through apps on the screen.

There is no set-top box, no DVR (all content is recorded on your company’s server) and very little work to do.

Someone recently asked me if I have all the channels I have on DirecTV, and I have to admit I don’t.

But I have all the ones I really like, including local channels, and to be honest, we used to have more channels than we could watch. Since my personal leisure time has been drastically curtailed lately, paying for unwatched channels just doesn’t make sense. (I have to admit we got our money’s worth at the highest rate during the lockdown, when no one went anywhere and we watched an inordinate amount of TV).

It’s something we should have done a long time ago, and we’re glad we did.

If you want advice, message me at [email protected] I am not an expert, but I learned quite a bit in the process.

Donate blood

I had never given blood before Monday, but decided to do so after reading about the huge shortages.

Our Rotary Club in Brazil sponsored a blood drive at the YMCA, and I was a little worried at first. When I was a teacher, students would come back from their blood donation session telling stories of people passing out or getting sick. Some came back for much longer than seemed necessary, even though the teachers all knew they were just milking to get out of the classroom.

The process was very simple and removing the blood was no big deal.

From all the blood tests I have had in the past year, it was really easy and similar to all of these.

The labs in my doctor’s office in Terre Haute tell me that I have “big veins”, and the ladies of the Red Cross agree.

Once I was done I had a good treat at the snack table and was able to sit down and talk to Dave Crooks (also a donor) while waiting to make sure I got to myself. felt well enough to drive home.

I had not researched it enough in the past and was not sure I could donate because I have diabetes.

It wasn’t a problem, and I would highly recommend giving it a chance next time.

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