Blog: Please share your favorite family tradition (04/12/21)

Holiday traditions vary. For some, it’s the smell of a favorite holiday dish. A special ornament on the tree or the pruning of the tree can brighten up the season. A church service can bring back memories.

For me, it’s being with my family and friends. At the Hortons, munching on all the special treats between breakfast and the holiday meal, whether it’s Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, was an event. The pasture menu ranged from fresh fruit, veggies and dip, to cheese and crackers, plus the homemade sweets everyone brought. These weren’t the special desserts made to follow the party.

When I was young we always received a brown bag with an apple and an orange as well as a variety of candies after the church Christmas program.

My friend, John Fuller, suggested that learning about other people’s favorite traditions would be good. He shares one of his own.

“One of my favorite traditions during this time is watching ‘National Lampoon Christmas Vacation’,” Fuller said. “Every year it’s a battle of wills as to when the Christmas tree goes up. I always want to wait until the day after Thanksgiving, and the family on Thanksgiving night want to bring it up.

Fuller told me, “I wouldn’t be surprised if people find new traditions for their families, even those that become a favorite memory that is passed on to future generations, from a simple tradition.”

I invite you to share your family traditions by December 17th at my email [email protected] and try to see it appear in a report this Christmas season.

Happy safe holidays to all.

Barbara Horton is a writer for the Daily American Republic. She can be reached at [email protected]

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