Blog: DAR invites you to the downtown Christmas party (12/23/21)

Santa will be in downtown Poplar Bluff from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. on December 14 for the Daily American Republic’s Downtown Christmas Celebration, a free event for families. (Photo provided)

There is a rumor going around about all the good things happening in downtown Poplar Bluff.

Buildings are bought and renovated. The buildings are painted. A variety of stores are opening or about to open. And the Rodgers Theater renovation is in full swing.

Guess who wants to take a tour and see it all? The Jolly Ole ‘Man himself.

Santa will be in downtown Poplar Bluff on December 14 from 4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. to hear what the kids would love for Christmas. He can even visit downtown to see what it is about downtown.

The Daily American Republic, along with Haffy’s Sports Bar & Grill and other downtown businesses, will be having a Christmas celebration in downtown Poplar Bluff that evening. Downtown businesses are encouraged to extend their hours of operation until 6:30 p.m. for the culmination of an open house weekend.

The DAR also sponsors a Christmas decoration contest in the days leading up to Santa’s visit and the open house. Downtown businesses are encouraged to decorate their establishments – inside and out – by December 9. Photos of participating companies will be posted on the DAR Facebook page and the company with the most votes between December 10 and 14 will receive a free publicity of $ 500. DAR package.

Residents of the area will also have the opportunity to earn money. DAR is giving away $ 200 (four prizes of $ 50 each) to those who visit and register at participating downtown businesses during the Open House weekend. The winners will be drawn on the evening of the open house and you must be present to participate.

You can participate for free money from December 10th.

The original idea of ​​the diary for the evening was to invite Santa to visit the DAR and the local children could come to the office and let him know what they would like for Christmas.

But DAR editor-in-chief Donna Farley suggested taking the idea to another level. Farley, along with advertising manager Christy Pierce, came up with the idea to help promote downtown businesses with Santa’s visit.

And Poplar Bluff’s downtown Christmas celebration – including the open house to introduce the businesses – was born.

“I worked in downtown Poplar Bluff for about 15 years and the changes recently have been so amazing to see. We have several fully restored buildings that are once again contributing to the community, ”said Farley.

“As of Friday, we had construction dumpsters outside three buildings where the owners were doing repairs and upgrades. We have many more buildings that were recently purchased by like-minded owners of a thriving downtown area that attracts visitors and lifts Poplar Bluff.

The newspaper is an important part of downtown and we think it’s important to promote the vision that many have for the area.

“DAR is part of downtown and we want to help it succeed, which is why I’m so happy that we can sponsor an open house downtown, as well as our Christmas celebration,” said Farley. . “These events are another way for us to share good news with our friends and neighbors.

“I hope everyone will help us celebrate the historic Poplar Bluff and show our support for those who have seen past the damage and deterioration the city center has suffered until it can be again. “

The DAR turned to Downtown Poplar Bluff director Morgan McIntosh to help us make this idea a reality.

“Events like the Downtown Poplar Bluff Christmas Celebration are a great way to bring our community downtown and showcase the progress we’re making,” said McIntosh. “The efforts of many business and building owners should not go unnoticed. Great strides have been made recently in revitalizing downtown Poplar Bluff and we want our whole community to be as excited as we are.

Pierce said it was exciting to see the downtown area grow.

“It’s nice to see the celebration of Christmas arrive downtown, the original ‘heart of Poplar Bluff’. I’m glad the Daily American Republic is a big part of the celebration, ”she said. “It’s exciting to see all the new business activity in downtown Poplar Bluff.”

If anyone would like to participate in the celebration, please contact Farley at 573-785-1414. You can also email him at [email protected]

And thanks for reading the DAR.

Chris is an editor for the DAR and can be contacted at [email protected]

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