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Citing an anonymous source familiar with the matter, Bloomberg reports that Activision Blizzard and NetEase have canceled a World of Warcraft mobile game that had been in development for nearly 3 years.

NetEase, based in Hangzhou, China, publishes World of Warcraft and other Blizzard franchises in the country and is also co-creator of the recent Diablo Immortal.

The source said that NetEase disbanded a team of over 100 developers tasked with creating content for the game. The two companies disagreed on terms and eventually abandoned the project.

Codenamed Neptune, the now canceled title was envisioned as a massively multiplayer online role-playing game set in the same universe as World of Warcraft.

A person familiar with the project noted that it wouldn’t have been a direct translation of the popular online game, but a spin-off set in another time period.

Not all of Blizzard’s mobile initiatives have been successful. The company also canceled another project based on Warcraft, an augmented reality game similar to Pokémon GO, Bloomberg News reported. This game, named Orbis, had been in development for over four years.

World of Warcraft was released in 2004 and remains one of the biggest revenue generators for Activision Blizzard and NetEase.

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