Bayonetta 3 developers present their new blog, Umbran Studies


PlatinumGames has launched a new blog series for its upcoming stylish action game Bayonet 3called Umbrian studies.

The blog takes its name from a book in the game, also called Umbran Studies, which will function as its tutorial mode. You will be able to access Umbran Studies at any time, so if you forget one or a few game mechanics, it will now be much easier to search for it again. For most games, you’re likely to go to your phone to search for this stuff, so it’s a handy addition to keep you focused on your gaming screen.

As for the real-life Umbran Studies blog, it will be an opportunity for director Yusuke Miyata and the other members of Team Little Angels to share details about the game in preparation for its launch.

In our previous coverage, we reported that Bayonet 3 will allow players to take control of the infernal demons that Cereza summons, in a totally different way before.

Today, Miyata shared more details about what this entails. Demon Slave allows Bayonetta to control infernal demons to annihilate enemies. Demon Masquerade fuses Bayonetta with said infernal demon to control the demon in a unique way, allowing you to use even more magic.

As Miyata describes it, these systems give players a meaningful experience of content and give them the feeling of “the highest degree of freedom”.

While Hideki Kamiya is the most famous face behind PlatinumGames, he is no longer in charge of developing the games, as he did when working on the first Bayonet many years ago. Kamiya’s current role as Executive Director positions him primarily to write the scripts and premise for PlatinumGames projects.

It was actually Yusuke Miyata who emerged to take on this role for Bayonetta 3, a well-deserved promotion thanks to his ptiot credentials. Miyata started making video game adaptations of anime series like Fullmetal Alchemist 3 and Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations. Under PlatinumGames he worked on games like Wonderful 101 and Scalebound. His career turning point was working as a game designer for the highly successful Nintendo Switch exclusive Astral chain.

The Bayonet franchise is certainly in an interesting position. While the director of the first game now holds a senior position at PlatinumGames, the director of Bayonet 2Yusuke Hashimoto, has already left the company and is currently the game director in charge of Street Fighter 6. And so, with Yusuke Miyata taking over now, every game should be a completely different experience.

Bayonet fans already know that Bayonet and Bayonet 2 feel like completely different games, despite being based on the same storyline and premise, and sharing many essential elements from the base game. Bayonet 3 could also be another drastic shift in the franchise. It’s the kind of thing that keeps this franchise from feeling stale.

Bayonet 3 releases exclusively on Nintendo Switch on October 28, 2022.

Source: PlatinumGames

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