Arkansas Storm Team Weather Blog: A chance for snow? Where the showers can fly


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Snow in the forecast isn’t anything unheard of in November, but it hasn’t been seen in central Arkansas for a few years. The last time it snowed in Little Rock in November was in 2019.

There will be two chances for natural snow. The first will take place late Friday evening until Saturday morning; however, this chance covers northwestern Arkansas as well as higher elevation areas. Accumulation is not likely with only a trace (if any) of snow for the NWA.

NAM pattern showing some snowflakes (with mostly cold rain) for NWA Friday night

The second chance will be from Monday evening to Tuesday morning. Light snow and sleet are more likely in northwest Arkansas, as well as higher elevation areas with an inch of snow possible. Some snow and sleet is also possible for central Arkansas including Little Rock, but accumulation is not expected. It should be expected that work and school will continue as planned here.

The typical deal hasn’t been great for the Monday night system. The GFS model shows an easy transition from cold rain to snow.

This model shows a better chance for minor snow accumulations in northwestern Arkansas as well as a few snowflakes mixing with wet snow in central Arkansas.

Running the GFS Model

The European model, however, only shows winter mixing in northwestern Arkansas and higher elevation areas. This pattern also favors more sleet mixing with the cold northwest Arkansas rain. Central Arkansas sees all the cold rains in the model.

Execution of the EURO model

Current forecasts call for northwest Arkansas, particularly the higher elevations, with the possibility of seeing some minor accumulations on grassy surfaces Monday evening through early Tuesday; however, much of the light snow and sleet will melt on the surface.

The few areas of light snow that could possibly mix with cold rain in central Arkansas will also likely melt on impact due to warm surface temperatures.

The Arkansas Storm team will continue to monitor this possibility of winter precipitation and keep you updated on the latest forecast.


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