Apple shines a light on how its services enrich people’s lives

Apple today published a recap article highlighting how its services have helped deliver innovative apps, powerful new content, and transformative experiences in 2021 that have enriched the lives of users around the world.

Starting with Apple Fitness +, Apple notes how the service has trained users to stretch, lift, split, and meditate for healthier days. Likewise, Apple News kept them updated on crucial news and cultural developments as users began to re-explore the world using new Apple Maps.

“Dozens of groundbreaking Apple TV + originals have been streamed with family and friends near and far using SharePlay; Hundreds of fun, new and classic games have been played on Apple Arcade, ”Apple notes.

“Apple’s world-class portfolio of services has proven to be essential in 2021, as people around the world seek new ways to be entertained, informed, connected and inspired,” said Eddy Cue, vice – senior president of Apple services. “With more than 745 million paid subscriptions, Apple continues to connect developers, artists and storytellers around the world with users on more than a billion devices.”

Apple also highlighted the most downloaded apps and games of 2021, achievements in Apple Arcade, Apple Music, Apple TV +, and more. You can consult them here.

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