Apple Fitness+ introduces a new postpartum exercise program

Apple introduces an all-new exercise program for Apple Fitness+ dedicated to postpartum workouts. This expanded focus will see new core and strength exercises as well as those that target the pelvic floor.

Apple Fitness+ already supports pregnancy content and workouts, but will now introduce new postpartum exercise programs as it expands. As reported by CBSthis expansion will ensure that new parents are well supported in the exercise program with the new ‘Get in Shape After Having a Baby’ program.

The new Apple Fitness+ program would be ideally for anyone who has recently given birth. The workout program hopes to “help you feel stronger and more energized,” the Apple Fitness+ app listing says. The exercises are said to range from core workouts to strength building and those dedicated to the pelvic floor. The latter is an important group of muscles that often lose strength during the birthing process and require some attention.

Each of the workouts lasts 10 minutes and can be completed by an assortment of people. Of course, it may be advisable to speak to a medical professional before resuming a fitness routine. However, the exercise program includes a host of modifications that can be adjusted based on the fitness levels maintained during pregnancy.

Programs also include mindful cooldowns, stretches, and helpful messages about self-care, patience, and more for parents.

Apple Fitness+ is available in Canada for $12.99 per month or $99.99 per year. The service pairs between your Apple Watch and the app.

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