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I actually tried Random for a few chapters on ea play last week, it’s an interesting game.

How is the solar ash? i would love to play it but the price is high, i enjoyed finishing their other game hyper light drifter, such good mood and style for that one.

You should avoid galloping your photos, your kind of work because of the composition but that’s fundamentally against the first rule of photography and a single entry this week doesn’t. You have to follow the rule if third parties as a general way to get better, there’s a bunch of basic stuff that all applies to photo modes, just like real DSLR and digital photography.

These all seem to have been designed to be pre-widescreen desktops. no main offense to your shot.

All photo challenges suffer from a lot of these amateur mistakes and often the ones that stand out are because people have obvious camera/photoshop skills that they exploit for the hobby part of the game.

but of course do what you feel. Gt7 scapes is a perfect example of real life photography and techniques merging with car culture and gaming. It was incredibly easy to tinker in there to make some fantastic car photography. But all the basic rules apply to do this.

Often I take cool or fun raw photos with no photo mode or minimal photo mode for my son to enjoy. I think if they gave out prizes for these weekly or monthly challenges, more would participate, but again, maybe it’s best to leave it more laid back.

The people who choose the winners / etc. obviously have no credible photography experience either, just by touch.

in any case, it’s not a disadvantage for you, but more of an easy way for you to earn more, you have a huge level of experience/skill (able to access specific game parts/chapters ) and a collection of games than most, so if you add a few more photography/editing tricks you should win more often.

Most of the time what’s impressive is people making mistakes but using the photo mood tools and sync action and triggering effects for an unusual shot. Games with the most robust photo modes and presentation quality/effects producing “wow” photos.

as well as framing the plans correctly. last week’s astro was embarrassing but still made the cut.

I will watch your future entries.

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