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One of the biggest rap releases of August 2022, if not the biggest, was DJ Khaled’s 13th album “God Did.”

Over the years, DJ Khaled has become a force to be reckoned with in the rap world – consistently releasing albums that are huge commercial successes.

His flamboyant personality, along with his often humorous ad-libs and catchphrases make him one of the most unique characters in the industry.

Despite this, he is not known as a revolutionary or particularly gifted artist.

For all of these reasons, I decided to listen to this album and review it so Penn State students wouldn’t have to.

Listening to it, the main effect it had on me was to puzzle me as to why DJ Khaled is as popular as he is.

I feel like the album wasn’t even really meant to be listened to from cover to cover.

It felt less like an album than an hour-long compilation of singles, with no cohesion or themes between the songs.

The only consistent thing in the whole album is DJ Khaled’s vocals, mind-numbingly shouting, “We’re the best music!” or “DJ Khaled!” Many times.

It can be argued that some songs are good when listened to on their own, and that’s valid.

However, I would say it has nothing to do with DJ Khaled himself as an artist.

The best thing I can say about this project is that a lot of the features of the rappers on certain songs are actually pretty good.

Some that particularly stood out to me were 21 Savage on “KEEP GOING” and Nardo Wick and Kodak Black on “IT AIN’T SAFE”.

What I also believe about these verses is that they would be better on other songs.

DJ Khaled’s production is extremely bland and generic throughout, and I can’t help but think about how he wastes great verses from these rappers on his downright mediocre beats.

The only song I really enjoyed was “USE THIS GOSPEL”, but it was basically the same song Kanye West had done but with an Eminem feature.

The song “JADAKISS INTERLUDE” was also painfully close to being good – same with “GRATEFUL”, as they both contained excellent samples.

However, both songs instantly lost all appeal once DJ Khaled’s trademark production kicked off.

Also, did I forget to mention that while you’re listening to the music, you can watch DJ Khaled’s typically terrible cover art?

It’s a photo of him staring in awe at something with a tear rolling down his face. It doesn’t even make sense.

It’s not like he rapped on the record or discussed anything personal that would make the cover relevant.

It also baffles me how and why Khaled makes music like this, considering how much money and resources he has to create an incredible project.

DJ Khaled is an industry veteran, having worked with a wide variety of legendary artists such as Birdman, Lil Wayne, Scarface and Dr. Dre.

You’d think he could just pull together a group of talented artists and producers to create a big project that he has little to do with. However, that’s what he did with this album, and it still wasn’t very good.

So, I think for his next album, he really shouldn’t have anything to do with that.

All in all, it was a weak album, and I hardly enjoyed it – and the few impressive verses from the guest rappers should be on other songs that really do them justice.

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