9 ways to reuse your creative resources


Did you know that your creative resources can be reused, recycled and even upcycled? That iPhone video and photos you took of your new products are reimagined into endless new types of content. You don’t need to have the gift of graphic design to create compelling images and videos for ad campaigns. There are a few tricks and shortcuts when you don’t have the time or talent to create brilliant studio-produced content that may or may not sell and tell the story to your customers.

I fully understand that anything creative can be daunting, and I don’t undermine the time and experience needed to create and refine the beautiful pieces of content. But when you’re in a hurry or don’t have the budget to invest the time and energy, the following nine ideas could save your life. All you need is the basics (like owned content or even stock photography), a bit of imagination, and a simple graphic design tool (like Canva or Adobe Spark).

  1. Copy (or text) overlay

Adding a copy overlay (or text overlay) is a quick and effective way to transform your basic and simple photo. Keep the copy brief while being catchy. Unique selling points or a promo code are great uses for a copy overlay.

  1. Animation

Already have a stylized photograph? Try adding animated stars or hearts to the background, or animate your copy’s overlay to grab more attention. This instantly transforms your static image into video and gives subtle movement to your content.

  1. Video slideshow

If you have a few pieces of static images, you can create a video slideshow. Several social media platforms, including Meta, provide options to upload your files to create a simple video. You can choose the order in which your photos are displayed as well as the transition time between images.

  1. Quote

A famous quote or even a customer review is a popular way to enhance your core content. More and more customers believe that other customers’ reviews are more credible and will read them before making a purchase decision. Experiment with image transparencies to make the copy pop!

  1. Added a sound clip

An audio snippet (like a podcast or interview) in combination with a visual cue is an emerging type of content enhancement. Since most viewers interact with the sound turned off, you may consider adding subtitles to aid in the audio experience.

  1. An image divided into separate cards for a carousel

Most social platforms do not take into account the dimensions of panoramic photos. However, carousel slots could be an ingenious option to split the long horizontal photo into 3-4 separate photos.

  1. stop-motion

On the same theme of video creation, you can quickly produce a stop-motion video. Video does not need audio or dialogue. It requires movement even if it is as subtle as the main subject moving through space.

  1. Experiment with filters

Instead of spending a lot of time editing photos, there are several tools to apply a filter. A different filter creates a new mood and personality.

  1. Video screenshots

It’s a cool way to turn a video into something like a comic. Take screenshots of your video and add copy overlays or captions from the audio. This is a reverse method to turn an image into a video. Deconstructing video is unexpected and allows your customer to consume your content in new and inventive ways. The content can be a single image or a carousel format.

Chances are you already have creative resources that can be repurposed into something new. Try some of these nine tips when refreshing and recycling your existing static images or videos. For even more content creation inspiration, check out our blog post, 11 Visual Content Ideas to Share on Social Media. I hope you will be inspired to reinvent any existing piece of content you currently have to turn it into something special and memorable for your next ad campaigns.

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