5 Reasons AI Won’t Replace Writers


Worried that AI will replace you and end your career as a writer. Keep calm and repeat this
mantra “AI is a tool, not a takeover”

Everywhere you look, server robots, self-driving cars such as Tesla, augmented and virtual reality are
take over the service industry at the speed of light. Most industries are integrating AI into their
process to achieve effective and fast results and minimize costs. AI writing is growing fast
however, writing is an art form and creativity is the soul of writing, this particular statement suffices
to validate why AI cannot replace editors.

Let’s dig a little deeper and evaluate the five reasons mentioned below in more detail.

1) The art of storytelling

AI writers aren’t equipped to conquer the art of storytelling and humans resonate with it
emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety, happiness the list can go on and only writers can create appealing emotions
content for a brand or a blog post that humans can connect to.

2) Lack of empathy

As cliche as it sounds, but you have to have the heart to sympathize with the target audience, unless the
The day is coming when computers can be taught empathy, it’s safe to say that it will take writers to achieve
to people through words.

3) No creativity or imagination

Creativity is fundamental in the field of writing and imagination cannot be replaced by AI. AI writers
do not exercise creativity and cannot imagine the ideal state of mind of the consumer.

4) Personal touch

AI writers are not autonomous and only write what they have been programmed to do. Readers often
have a particular preference for writing styles and have a list of favorite authors or editors.
Therefore, the AI ​​eliminates the essence of the personal touch.

5) Engagement

Writers around the world realize that to be successful they need to create content that is engaging and actively
respond to the commitment of their respective readers. AI can’t engage as effectively as humans
because human intelligence involves adapting to the environment or in that particular scenario
adapt to readers using multiple cognitive processes.

The need of the hour is to understand how AI writers can help improve writing, therefore, writers
can adapt accordingly by experimenting with free AI writing tools available on the web. It’s high time
we embrace human-machine collaboration and find ways that can be beneficial for both parties who
ultimately helps achieve the goal of creating top quality content in a short period of time.

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