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Ah, internet memes. These are perhaps the only things that seem to bring us joy these days. And this year was no different. The internet has kept content flowing and our minds distracted. We couldn’t be more grateful. Our list of 21 memes that got us through 2021 commemorates all of the hilarious memes that came out this year.

1. The bus on the happy side and the sad side

This one, unfortunately, concerns most of us. It has been an eventful year as we are still picking up the pieces of the pandemic. Some days we feel ready to take on the whole world, others less. This meme perfectly describes our two moods during this year.

2. Red flags

This year 2021 has been a year of positive growth in relationships. Or more to the point, it’s been a year of relationship counseling that absolutely no one has asked for. It’s no surprise to see a relationship-focused meme making the list this year. Plus, he’s taught a lot of people about the warning signs in relationships.

3. The Olympic Games

With 2021 a summer Olympic year, it makes sense to see Olympic-themed memes this year. The best has to go to the single bed situation that the Olympians were forced to respect. When Twitter found out, they did things on Twitter. And the rest is history. PS It’s never a good idea to take the Tame Impala leaves out.

4. Anakin and Padme meme

This meme was everywhere this year. Since its debut on Twitter in mid-April, the format has taken the internet by storm. With so many different ways to make this meme work, its success comes as no surprise.

5. Evergreen expedition

Who could forget the ship that completely stopped navigating the Suez Canal because it could not roll straight? We’re still feeling the effects of the disrupted supply chain, but at least we can laugh about it. the Evergeen the memes were absolutely hilarious. Twitter’s creativity was not lacking on this one.

6. The Wandavision wink

WandaVision debuted this year and was critically acclaimed. The original Disney + series managed to keep people hooked. One of the most memorable moments was (spoiler alert) that Wanda’s friend Agatha was secretly a witch the entire time. Thus, the famous wink was born. From there, the internet had a day in the field finding some great memes.

7. Bernie’s mittens

Another year, another Bernie meme. After its famous campaign ad last year, the Internet has not lost the opportunity to offer new content. And this year is no different. During the presidential inauguration, Bernie could be seen sitting in his chair almost as if to say, “It could have been an email. But it wasn’t, and we’re glad we got a good meme out of it.

8. Don’t worry about the contents of the vaccine.

One of the worst things about 2021 is the amount of anti-vaxx sentiment that is spreading. So in order to combat that a bit, Twitter has started reporting some rude things that we’ve all done that are way worse. And we totally agree—just get vaccinated.

9. Kim K at the Met Gala

When Kim Kardashian walked to the Met Gala wearing nothing but a black bodysuit, you better believe the internet noticed. The memes were hilarious and well deserved. Because come on, who doesn’t like to pick on rich and successful people?

10. Weeknd’s Labyrinth

The Super Bowl was great this year, but one man stole the show: The Weeknd. His halftime show took the world by storm. It was beautiful to watch, but parts of it felt a bit wacky. Namely when The Weeknd runs through a disorienting golden maze behind the scenes. So of course the internet made a meme of it.

11. Jake Gyllenhaal

It’s been a great year for a lot of people – Jake Gyllenhaal is not one of them. Like the inspiration behind some of the Taylor Swift Red, Jake was really sweaty when the album was re-released. Not to mention the fact that a rumor has circulated that he doesn’t shower. Look hard, Jake.

12. Sea-Shanty Tik Tok

TikTok has become a new heaven for internet memes. There is constantly a new trend popping up on the social media app. The one that stood out for us this year is Sea-Shanty TikTok. Love her or hate her, people in this trend are talented. We weren’t expecting to take advantage of a shipyard, but TikTok came up with a different idea.

13. Spotify wrapped

“This year, you have understood the mission 🤪🤪💯. Thanks Spotify. I really needed to hear your terrible attempt to look young this year. And Twitter agrees. As soon as The Wrapped came out this year, people started screaming how weirdly written it was. But hey, I still like to see my music for the year so Spotify gets a pass.

14. March

In March 2020, the pandemic changed the way we live. So when March 2021 arrived, neither of us were prepared. It was like in March correct come. At least we got some good jokes out of it.

15. CDC says

With the vaccines and the boosters, we can breathe a little easier than at the start of the pandemic. So why not make fun of the CDC a bit?

16. The French dispatch

With such an iconic cast, it’s no wonder that The French dispatch has become such a great meme. After showing up at the Cannes Film Festival, the cast took a photo with director Wes Anderson. The result: a whole new meme that Twitter can jump on.

17. Envy

As one of the most open-ended memes of the year, this one has gone in a lot of different directions. Perhaps the most popular were the “female envy” tweets on Twitter. But people have put a bunch of different things into the format. It’s the meme that keeps on giving.

18. Does it hurt?

Does it hurt? When you fell from the sky? This cheesy pickup line never worked, but it spawned one of the biggest memes of 2021. With so many different possibilities, the internet wasted no time. And yes it do to injure.

19. Family

The Fast & Furious franchise has taught us one thing: family comes first. Vin Diesel’s character in the movies, Dominic Toretto, takes every opportunity he has to talk about family. So much so that the internet caught on and started mocking Mr. Diesel for it. But the weak insults of the internet will never be enough to confuse him, not while he still has the power of family on his side.

20. A $ AP Rocky and Rihanna

First of all, congratulations, A $ AP. And with that out of the way, what is A $ AP ?? Rihanna is everyone’s celebrity crush, you can’t just ruin all of our dreams all at once like that. But I digress. They look good together and I can’t wait to see how they end up. In addition, their children will inherit large genes.

21. Milk crate challenge

For whatever reason, getting injured while stepping on a stack of milk crates has become a huge trend this year. And while a few people made it through the crates, most ended up eating concrete and plastic. To everyone who dares to take on this challenge, thank you very much for all the content.

There are so many great memes this year that we had to leave out. But it’s the core content that got us to 2021. Hopefully this list has distracted you a bit. Thanks for reading, Terriers! Until 2022.

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