2022 EPCOT Food & Wine Festival Booth List

Walt Disney World has released the Global Marketplace lineup for the 2022 EPCOT International Food and Wine Festival, with booths opening in two phases. This preview offers a full list of new and old food stalls, followed by my “old man shouts cloud” commentary.

As a reminder, the EPCOT 2022 International Food and Wine Festival at Walt Disney World runs from July 14 to November 19, 2022 for a total of 129 days. The Global Marketplaces will span six continents and will be spread across World Showcase pavilions and spread across Future World, with booths open most of each operating day.

An unsurprising detail is that many global markets will not be debuting when the event starts on July 14, 2022. This is exactly what happened last year, with the event starting in the summer but moving to into high gear on October 1 with the start of Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary. The phases are different this year, and not as pronounced.

While unrelated to the full list of Global Market booths, Walt Disney World also announced some of the entertainment and other offerings that will be returning for the 2022 EPCOT Food & Wine Festival. Namely, the Eat to the rhythm of the concert series (and meal plans for it) are back.

Cheese lovers will want to take a trip to Fromage Montage d’Emile, where you can sample a variety of delicious cheeses served in inventive ways. Purchase five cheese dishes listed in the Festival Passport and get a stamp for each cheese dish purchased. Once you’ve collected all five stamps, bring the stamped festival passport to Shimmering Sips for a special keepsake.

Below are two lists of DisneyWorld.com’s global markets. The first slate has no opening dates and will presumably begin with the event on July 14, 2022. However, that’s guesswork at this point. It is always possible that Walt Disney World will stagger the openings of other booths, depending on the realities and the demand for personnel.

The second phase of kiosks all open on August 15, 2022. This is actually a somewhat curious choice, as mid-August tends to be when the summer vacation season slows down, with schools starting to resume classes. Not that I’m complaining – I was just expecting the second pit phase to debut in late September!

Although this seems to be relatively definitive considering the number of kiosks, we are personally hoping that is not the case. Some of our favorite “Culinary Corridor” options (eg Cheese Studio, Wine & Dine Studio, Chocolate Studio) were discontinued last year and are conspicuously absent again.

That said, the different EPCOT festivals are all about trying different things and discovering new favorite dishes. There are plenty of promising options on this list that we’re extremely excited to try!

More comments follow the global market listings…

First phase of world markets

The Alps
Indulge in comforting alpine cuisine, like warm Swiss raclette cheese served with a baguette.

Embark on a culinary journey Down Under tasting popular Australian food and wine.

apple orchard
Celebrate fall with tasty apple creations like apple pie or apple cider.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a fluffy Belgian waffle and pair it with a bold Belgian beer.

Immerse yourself in South American cuisine and culture with the best dishes from the land of palms.

Discover delicious dishes and refreshing drinks from the Great White North.

Pleasure your palate with popular Chinese dishes, bubble tea, draft beer and cocktails.

Earth Eats hosted by Impossible
Savor hearty plant-based dishes including impossible foods, along with wine or a refreshing cocktail.

flavors of fire
Savor comfort food inspired by campfire-cooked summer favorites.

Fall in love with the classic cuisine of France, accompanied by an assortment of wines or a fondant cocktail.

The fries basket – NEW!
Snack on crispy fries or yucca fries, seasoned to perfection.

Venture to Germany for Bavarian bites that will satisfy foodies of all ages – every dish is köstlich!

Opa! Taste traditional Greek dishes like spanakopita or a gyro.

Hops & Barley
Stay in the USA for the hottest American craft beer, wines and flavors from coast to coast.

Spice up your life with Indian cuisine, like samosas and chicken tikka masala.

Savor Emerald Isle favorites like Irish sausage and seafood pie, which pair beautifully with Irish beer and mead.

Savor the simple elegance of Italian foodwith some of the world’s most beloved food and wine.

Satisfy your appetite with delicious dishes and lively libations from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Go on a flavor safari as you sample traditional Kenyan food and beer.

Take your taste buds south of the border for tacos, tostadas, Mexican craft beer and margaritas.

Sparkling sips
Let the brunch party begin! Taste sweets and sip sparkling mimosas.

Feast on savory Spanish dishes, like paella and charcuterie, accompanied by beer and wine.

Saucy Swanky Pork
Try mouth-watering pork dishes that pair well with wine and cocktails.

Tangierine Café: Flavors of the Medina
Treat your senses to traditional Moroccan cuisine, like grilled skewers and a falafel pita.

Second phase of world markets

Brew-Wing at the Odyssey – Opening August 15, 2022
Try a variety of savory chicken wings, accompanied by an assortment of beers and ciders.

Coastal Eats – Opening August 15, 2022
Savor succulent seafood dishes that pair beautifully with cold beer, wine and cocktails.

Hawaiʻi – Opening August 15, 2022
Cross the Pacific to discover tropical flavors and savory and sweet island specialties.

Mac & Eats – Opening August 15, 2022
Discover macaroni and cheese combos your mom would never have imagined!

The Noodle Exchange – Opening August 15, 2022
Savor the flavors of the Far East served in delicious noodle dishes.

In terms of comment, I must admit that I am disappointed. Honestly, I feel a bit silly complaining about this because there have been so many more major grievances and legitimate complaints.

It’s relatively insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Still, that’s also why I’m going to express this well – it doesn’t really matter and won’t result in anyone’s trips being canceled – because a little ‘low-stakes’ review is a nice change of pace .

Over the past few years, I’ve noticed that the new booths added to the EPCOT Food & Wine festival lineup are largely unambitious and unadventurous.

Don’t get me wrong, I love mac and cheese, but it gets disappointing when virtually every addition is comfort food. It’s supposed to be the flagship of Walt Disney World foodie event, and most new options in recent years have been mere crowd pleasers.

Even when looking at specific menus or dishes, many global markets have shifted to simpler menus and more social media-friendly items (e.g., shock value, bright colors, weird ingredients). There are fewer who are truly ambitious or have much culinary merit.

Some of this is not surprising. We’ve been saying for years that, ironically enough, the Food & Wine Festival serves up the least demanding cuisine in EPCOT. It has fallen victim to its own popularity, with stalls seeking simplicity due to a mix of demands (need to produce things quickly) or because they know there is a built-in audience that will buy regardless.

To be completely clear, I’m not a food snob – two of my favorite foods are ramen and burgers – and I really like the specific new dishes that have been added to the EPCOT Food & Wine Festival menus in recent years. years.

Taken in isolation, many of these are fantastic, fun dishes that are broadly appealing. I can understand why Walt Disney World made the menus more accessible. Disney just gives customers what they want rather than challenging them, which is essentially the history of EPCOT That much.

Yet the whole of it is nevertheless disappointing. This is EPCOT Food & Wine Festival. If customers want nothing more than fries, macaroni and cheese, chicken wings and pizza, that’s fine, no judgment. But there’s no shortage of counter-service restaurants at Walt Disney World that fit the bill for that standard theme park fare.

This flagship foodie event should strive to be something more – a place to try new and unique cuisine or an epicurean adventure, corny as that sounds. I’m probably in the minority on this (it’s absolutely true looking at the lines for the various stalls), so feel free to dismiss this as an “old man shouts cloud” rant. On the plus side, I’m very happy to see Coastal Eats returning after a few years of hiatus. other than that, yawn.

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