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Over a year ago, the commotion on Comm. Ave suddenly came to a halt as the pandemic sent us home. But now, after adjusting to life online, students are finally back and the transition is not as easy as it seems. Here is our list of the 12 steps to adapt to campus life in person.

1. Extreme hype

It is finally time. After more than a year of blended or distance learning, the students are back in the classroom. During the pandemic, it was easy to forget the magnitude of BUs. But now, after seeing the horde of college students walking along Comm Ave, it looks like a bustling campus again. Enjoy and get excited!

2. Realize that your camera is always on now

We’ve all done it – you wake up for a class at dawn, cool in your pajamas, and jump on the zoom call from your bed (camera off of course). But now classes are in person again and showing up in your pajamas on day one isn’t the best way to make a first impression. Remember that with in-person classes, the camera is always to.

3. Upset, you can no longer mute the embarrassing things you say

In the days of zooming, we could say whatever we wanted as long as the mic was off. But now when you get a mission you despise, shouting is no longer an option.

4. Angry at the lack of open score tests and quizzes

The open grade tests were the best thing about distance learning. Not having to memorize only the course content allows many students to focus more on learning the application of concepts rather than repeating the information given to them. But with in-person classes in full swing, we’re all going to have to release flashcards more often this year.

5. When you learn that you no longer need a reservation for FitRec.

“I’m in the gym working on my fitness.” – Fergie

6. Nostalgic for the sweatshirt + shorts combo that you rocked to zoom in on the lessons

In-person classes mean we have to dress to impress this year. Without any way to turn off your camera, you might not feel comfortable showing up to class in sports shorts and a t-shirt. It’s time to show everyone your post-pandemic outfits – hyped beasts, it’s time to shine. But hey, if you love to wear sweatshirts in class, live your truth.

7. Inevitably rushing to class in person

Because of the online classes, you’ve apparently forgotten how long it would take to get from your dorm to your classes on campus.

8. When you realize you have no idea where your classroom is

After walking through crowds of other students, you quickly realize that you know the building you’re supposed to be in, but not the class number.

9. Afraid of hanging out with people on campus

Now that we are all back, students can finally enjoy the BU facilities again. Don’t hesitate to stop by the newly renovated GSU to grab some food, study, or just hang out with friends. But it may take a while to dust off your chatter skills. Try not to think about it too much, we’re all in the same boat.

10. Ready to flood the dining room with your friends

They are back. The refectories have reopened their doors to students. Gone are the days when you had to eat your lunch out of a take-out container from the dining room. Now you and your friends can actually grab a table and eat together again.

Just a tip for freshmen: you don’t need someone to eat with every time you go to the dining hall.

11. Accept the return of campus life

It’s been over a year since the students were able to lead normal campus lives, and we can finally start living as before (with masks and tests, of course). While seeing so many faces on Comm Ave may take some getting used to, it’s good to know that BU is back.

12. The “last minute mask transport”

Masks are always mandatory on campus, so make sure you have plenty of them!

Have a good semester, Terriers!

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