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Live Blog: The 10ViacomCBS 2022 Upfronts presentation is now underway for media buyers and advertisers.

Today’s announcements will span 10 and multichannel and Paramount +.

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  • Narelda Jacobs pays homage to traditional owners
  • Jonathan LaPaglia welcomes us for a one hour presentation and names the leaders who will all be in the showreels. “Who is going to outsmart, survive and outdo in content?” “
  • “Our audience has grown, our revenue share has grown,” said Jarrod Villani, executive vice president of ViacomCBS ANZ.
  • Presenters for HEY The United States refers to Rod Prosser’s vision for ride-sharing karaoke from last year. This is an introduction to showbiz to the sales manager of 10. It also refers to diversity, inclusion, equality and “contributing to a better society”. He notes League A is now equal, having dropped the name of League W (noted!). We also talk about indigenous work within the company, and a “no diversity, no commission” policy. Carbon neutrality is also mentioned. “Our audience is progressive, very social,” he observes.
  • Now let’s move on to the purchasing capacity of 10 viewers, the age of the young audience, the power of BVOD and co-viewing.
  • Rod talks about real-time solutions for advertisers, pricing, etc. Happy Hour on 10 Play will feature a brand related to one hour of ad-free viewing. “Perfect for a product launch to build brand awareness.”
  • Promote Oz / USA will give buyers international visibility. Still no karaoke song?
  • Theme parks and hotels Nickelodeon (not in Oz), MTV Unplugged… is part of the world power.
  • Now we’ll go to Lisa Squillace, National Sales Manager. We deepen sales campaigns for advertisers. No content yet.
  • Liz Baldwin, Head of Streaming, talks about 10 Play and add-on shows like Talking Tribal, Behind the Mask and international titles.
  • On Paramount +. Five S3 Bedrooms. Spreadsheet. Couples therapy is coming in a local version. Last King of the Cross, drama by John Ibrahim. 6 local film festivals. The reality TV series The Bridge gets an Australian adaptation.
  • Daniel Monaghan Senior Vice President Content and Programming, 10 ViacomCBS, talks about international titles on P +. Dexter is the day and date of November. Halo in the first trimester (finally?)
  • A showreel of 10 local shows for 2021 of “well-established favorites alongside noisy newcomers.”
  • I’m A Celebrity is back on January 3rd. Cue Julia and the Doctor tease the “challenges that make your hair stand on end.” Aww no musical number this year?
  • Australian Survivor: Blood v Water follows in the first quarter with new and returning faces.
  • MasterChef Australia: Foodies v Favorites sees the return of Julie Goodwin. 12 faces of return against the beginners. Alvin, Sarah Todd are also back.
  • About the project. A word from the hosts. “We are delighted to see you again from QAnon,” Pete Helliar told Hamish Macdonald.
  • Hunted Australia arrives in the third quarter, based on the UK series. Filmed 24/7, 21 days in Melbourne.
  • First Dates goes from Seven to 10 in 2022.
  • Will I Lie to You gets a local adaptation. Host Chrissie Swan will lead two teams – led by comedians Chris Taylor and Frank Woodley.
  • Now Beverley McGarvey, Executive Vice President of ViacomCBS ANZ, announces the FA Cup for 10 / Paramount +.
  • A showreel of all 10 / P + football codes has rights to: Socceroos, Matildas, A-League, FA Cup etc.
  • On F1 sport, Melbourne Cup, basketball etc.
  • Bev thanks the advertisers for their support and looks forward to seeing everyone in person next year.
  • A plug for The Bachelorette tonight.
  • Now a reel of all shows on all platforms with Bjork’s soundtrack “Oh So Quiet”.
  • And you wonder about the local drama, don’t you? Neighbors on 10 Peach, a bit more explanatory in the full slate story, but it’s definitely light.
  • We buckled early at 1:22. If you’re wondering about shows that haven’t yet been mentioned, please read the full article.

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